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Julianne Moore: Hollywood Can Make You Feel Empty

Julianne MooreJulianne Moore believes the Hollywood lifestyle can leave people feeling "empty."

The 53-year-old actress stars in David Cronenberg's latest movie Maps to the Stars as ruthless Havana Segrand, a fading star living among the Hollywood elite, and admits the character shows what can go wrong in the movie .

"Oh, I wouldn't say she's a monster, although it's true she does behave monstrously at times. She's one of these creatures that are very common in our industry, in that all of her self-worth and affirmation is projected from outside as opposed to inside. And the longer you live that kind of lifestyle, the more empty you become, until there comes a point when you just implode," she told The Guardian.

Moore - who is married to Bart Freundlich with whom she has son Caleb and daughter Liv - also says the film industry is too age obsessed, something she refuses to subscribe to: "You know, maybe that's a danger in any profession. But in the movie business it's heightened because it's all tied up with your face and how you look and the world's perception of that. But the only people who can affirm you are your family. They are the ones who are close to you. They're the only ones who can really see you."


Charlotte Gainsbourg: Aging May Stop Me From Acting

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Charlotte GainsbourgCharlotte Gainsbourg is considering quitting acting because she is finding it difficult ageing on screen.

The 42-year-old singer-and-actress - who has three children with partner Yvan Attal - finds it "distressing" to see how her looks have changed and knows she needs to "make peace" with the changes if she doesn't want to give up her career.

"I don't like aging and I can see it happening. I find it very distressing. Movies are getting hard for me. I don't want to be embarrassed by my appearance when I see myself on film. So I don't have a choice really, either I make peace with the fact that I'm aging and that my face is getting harsher, or I don't and I quit acting."

The Nymphomaniac star always thought the anxiety she experienced turning 40 would have abated by now: "I find it truly horrible, this between two ages thing - neither too old but no longer young either. I thought turning 40 was the peak, the epitome of horror, but it doesn't get better. The decline doesn't stop. I used to think only attractive people suffered from this, but I can assure you plain women like me - although I don't think I'm ugly - suffer quite hard."

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Harrison Ford Ready for Indiana 5

Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullNot even age can get an actor down: is ready for another Indiana Jones movie.

The screen legend, who has played the titular adventuring archaeologist in the four previous films in the franchise, said he is keen to make a fifth film, and creator is already working on ideas.

Harrison, who also starred in the original trilogy, said, “I’d love to do it. George Lucas is working on an idea and if he can come up with something, Steven Spielberg and I have to agree to go ahead with it. If we find another story to do and we develop the character a little further and I get a chance to do another one, I’d be happy as pie to do it. I don’t think there’s any other franchise films that I’d want to go back to.”

The 67-year-old star particularly wants to deepen the relationship between archaeologist Indy and his son Mutt Williams, played by in 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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Meryl Streep Surprised She Gets Work at 60

It's Complicated posterIt’s Complicated actress Meryl Streep admits that she’s past her “sell by date.”

The Oscar-winning actress can’t believe she’s still be offered roles in high-profile movies now she’s reached 60 as she knows Hollywood discriminates against older women:

“It’s incredible - I’m 60, and I’m playing the romantic lead in romantic comedies. Bette Davis is rolling over in her grave. I’ve been given great, weird, interesting parts well past my ‘sell by date.’ I remember saying to my husband Don when I was 38, ‘Well, it’s over.’ And then we kicked the can down the road a little further.”

Meryl - who won the Best Actress Oscar for her role in Sophie’s Choice and the Best Supporting Actress for Kramer Vs Kramer - also says she’s given up worrying what people think of her.

She told Vanity Fair, “I can’t remember the last time I really worried about being appealing. I think it was a really long time ago. It’s freeing as an actress, but whether a director likes it or not is a different thing. I remember [director and co-star] Albert Brooks saying to me in Defending Your Life, ‘Could you just make it a little sweeter?’ And that’s been repeated by other people in the years since then.”

Quote of the Day: George Clooney on Seeing Himself Get Old

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Up in the Air

“I’m old. I’m kind of comfortable with getting older because it’s better than the other option, which is being dead. So I’ll take getting older. It’s an interesting thing to be able to watch yourself grow older on screen. I was watching and I thought, ‘Jesus, who’s the old, grey-haired guy?’ And it was me. I never wear make-up for movies and now it’s starting to show.”

-, 48, joking about increasing age.

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