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Zac Efron Thinks Action Role Could be Kiss of Death

Zac Efron has the body of an action star!Have no fear, Shia—Zac Efron thinks it would be “weird” if he starred in an action movie (despite already having the body for it).

The High School Musical star, who became a teenage heartthrob after appearing in the Disney movie franchise, would love to try his hand at as a screen hero but fears his career could be over if the role wasn’t perfect.

“I would love to try an action film at some point, but not too soon. I think that can be a kiss of death. There’s got to be a real role that I can bring something unique and specific to, a way for me to do it believably. Until then, I think it would just come across as weird.”

The 22-year-old star also revealed he is in awe of actor Leonardo DiCaprio, despite disliking him when he was growing up: “I think Leonardo DiCaprio’s done a great job. I was dead set against the guy when I was growing up, kind of force-fed his image from Titanic. Since then, through very hard work and incredible performances, he’s done a complete 180. Now he’s one of my favorite actors. He’s at the top of his game.”


Zac Efron’s Failed Audition

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Zac Efron forehead said he performed such an over-the-top audition as a child that he was asked to leave the room.

The actor - who plays a teenage student who, by luck, gets to work with a young Orson Welles in the new coming-of-age drama - said the try-out still haunts him now.

“That was my first experience and I had just done the play Peter Pan so I thought I was… I mean, who could be better. We were all quite young and I wasn’t even playing Peter I was playing John but I’d watched loads of actors play Peter so I showed up at the audition and I was dancing around and jumping off things and being crazy like lost boys you know,” Efron recalled.

“I ran around, I jumped up on my chair and started singing the lines and then she interrupted me, she goes, ‘You’ve never done this before have you?’ and I said, ‘no, not at all.’ And she said, ‘OK, you can go.’”

The 22-year-old revealed he broke down in tears after he was rejected. “It was completely my fault; I thought I was auditioning for the play. I kinda wept about that one,” Zac admitted.

Quote of the Day: Zac Efron on His Unwatchable Films

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Zac Efron in Me and Orson Welles

“It’s the first time I’ve ever watched a movie [that I’m in] and in the end I’m like, ‘OK! I didn’t check my watch once!’”

- on viewing his upcoming film, Me and Orson Welles, for the first time.

(Make sure to check out other notable quotes.)

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This Week on DVD and Blu-ray: August 11, 2009

I Love You, Man DVDHere are some of the options available this Tuesday:

  • 17 Again: DVD, Blu-ray
  • About Last Night: Blu-ray
  • Alien Trespass: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Blue Thunder: Blu-ray
  • Chaos: Blu-ray
  • The Class: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Cutthroat Island: Blu-ray
  • Gigantic: DVD
  • I Love You, Man: DVD, Blu-ray
  • The Ninth Gate: Blu-ray
  • Replicant: Blu-ray

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2009 MTV Movie Awards: The Winners


Here are the results of tonight’s broadcast hosted by SNL‘s Andy Samberg:

  • Best Movie: Twilight
  • Best Male Performance: Zac Efron, High School Musical 3: Senior Year
  • Best Female Performance: Kristen Stewart, Twilight
  • Best Breakthrough Performance (Male): Robert Pattinson, Twilight
  • Best Breakthrough Performance (Female): Ashley Tisdale, High School Musical 3: Senior Year
  • Best Villain: Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight
  • Best Fight: Robert Pattinson vs. Cam Gigandet , Twilight
  • Best Kiss: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson , Twilight
  • Best Comedic Performance: Jim Carrey, Yes Man
  • Best WTF Moment: Amy Poehler (peeing in the sink), Baby Mama
  • Best Song: “The Climb” (Miley Cyrus), Hannah Montana: The Movie
  • Generation Award: Ben Stiller

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Box Office Breakdown: Ben Stiller Defeats Christian Bale

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Was it a result of Christian Bale’s rant? The presence of that other science fiction movie? Or the lack of family-friendly fare?

When the dust from the weekend settled, a surprising entry emerged as the winner. Despite the country’s current love for action sequels/prequels, a much calmer feature - - was the choice for entertainment this holiday. Ben Stiller’s comedy follow-up raked in $70 million giving the actor his best live-action debut ever. Smithsonian also became the best PG-rated opener for Memorial Day.

Museum‘s victory meant a disappointing 2nd place finish for . Although the saga’s fourth installment earned more than T3‘s debut, its $51.9 million gross ($65.3 million since Thursday) put it nowhere near the estimated $200 million budget. The numbers did give director McG, though, his best premiere since 2000’s Charlie’s Angels.

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Chace Crawford set to play Ren McCormack in Footloose remake

Chace Crawford FootlooseChace Crawford has landed the lead role of , grabbing the spot that Zac Efron turned down. Paramount Pictures has confirmed that Chace, a Gossip Girl star, has signed on to play Ren McCormack (originally played by Kevin Bacon) in the forthcoming musical remake, following weeks of speculation. As we noted, Zac Efron originally had the part, but turned it down because he didn’t want to be permanently typecast as someone who could only act in musicals. No other casting info has been officially announced, but rumor has it that Miley Cyrus is in the running to land the female lead of Ariel Moore, originally played by Lori Singer. Amanda Bynes and Hayden Panettiere have also auditioned for the lead female spot. Footloose is scheduled to hit theaters in July 2010.

Box Office Breakdown: Narrow Victory for Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons

was never as popular as The Da Vinci Code...and its big screen numbers reflected that.

Despite huge success with the overseas box office this weekend (the movie had the 10th best international open ever), the latest Ron Howard/Tom Hanks collaboration barely struck gold domestically. Over the last three days, Angels grossed $46.2 million—just enough for first place. Unfortunately, the Dan Brown adaptation only earned $3 million more than last week’s champ and over $30 million less than the previous installment.

, in the meantime, continued on its warp speed pace. The second place finisher pulled in another $43 million and put itself within $3 million of Wolverine‘s overall total. (The Hugh Jackman film, this week’s #3, had a 7-day head start on the sci fi adventure.)

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Box Office Breakdown:  Star Trek Beams Its Way to #1

Zachary Quinto in Star Trek

Based on these numbers, a sequel would seem like the logical response.

After a five-month delay, the highly-anticipated J.J. Abrams feature finally unspooled to an eager crowd. And though it didn’t outearn last weekend’s office champ, the science fiction adventure appeared to be in a galaxy far, far away.

Since it’s debut late Thursday night, Trek grossed approximately $79.2 million. (That’s nearly $3 million more than was estimated a day ago, but still $6 million less than Wolverine‘s premiere.) Around $8 million of Paramount’s haul came from IMAX ticket sales alone. (That figure bests the $6.2 million raked in by The Dark Knight last year.)

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Box Office Breakdown: Wolverine Claws Its Way to the Top


Despite a growing list of hurdles (leaked footage, swine flu, mediocre reviews), proved it was a force to be reckoned with last weekend. Although it failed to surpass X-Men: The Last Stand (that 2006 entry debuted at $122.9 million), the Fox feature trounced the competition with an $85.1 million open. In other words, Wolverine earned over $20 million more than the other Top Ten entries…combined.

Sitting far back in second place was , Matthew McConaughey’s attempt to bring a little muscle into the box office. The romantic comedy, costarring Jennifer Garner, grossed $15.4 million on the weekend before Mother’s Day. (That’s less than a million more than what Made of Honor pulled in at this same time last year.) Meanwhile, last Friday’s only other wide release, Battle for Terra, raked in a disappointing $1.1 million for a 12th place finish.

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