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Brad Pitt Never Dissed Tom Cruise’s Valkyrie

Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise

Yes, Tom Cruise also had a WWII-era film…but is there any reason for to feel competitive with him? Some out there might like you to think so.

The internet had been going wild today with a quote reportedly attributed to the actor. Unfortunately, the comment about his Interview with the Vampire co-star simply isn’t true.

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This Week on DVD and Blu-ray: May 19, 2009

Valkyrie DVDHere are some of the options available this Tuesday:

  • 3 Days of the Condor: Blu-ray
  • Batman: Blu-ray
  • A Bug’s Life: Blu-ray
  • Changing Lanes: Blu-ray
  • Enemy at the Gates: Blu-ray
  • Fanboys: DVD
  • The Friends of Eddie Coyle: DVD
  • Lion for Lambs: Blu-ray
  • The Machinist: Blu-ray
  • Man Hunt: DVD
  • The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance: DVD
  • My Bloody Valentine 3D: DVD, Blu-ray

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Box Office Breakdown: Gran Torino Expands to a Win

Gran Torino

He may have lost out to Bruce Springsteen last night, but Clint Eastwood was still a big winner this weekend. After 4 weeks in limited theaters, the 78-year-old’s film became the top movie in wide release.

Eastwood’s directorial project not only pulled in $29.4 million over the last three days ($40.5 million to date), it outranked the vehicles from Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Will Smith. also earned the best per screen average of any charter in the Top Ten.

Despite opening on approximately 600 more screens than the first place finisher, #2’s grossed nearly $4000 less per theater. The Kate Hudson-Anne Hathaway comedy also averaged less than #3’s The Unborn.

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Box Office Breakdown: Marley & Me Ends 2008 on Top

Marley & Me

Aside from a few changes at the bottom of this week’s Top Ten, every single movie remained planted in their positions from last Monday. Since Friday’s new entries (Good, Defiance) were only offered in limited release, there really wasn’t much of a battle.

Over the last three days, tacked on another $24 million and officially crossed the $100 million mark. The Fox adaptation became the 25th film from 2008 to accomplish that. Meanwhile, the only new charter was #10’s . Although it was only shown in 612 theaters (that’s down two from last week), the Fox Searchlight feature helped push The Spirit down to #13. The probable Oscar contender also earned a better per screen average than all the films ahead of it.

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Box Office Breakdown: Marley & Me is the Weekend’s Top Dog

Marley & Me

When it comes to the box office, has no problem pushing best friends (Courteney Cox), exes (Brad Pitt) or former leading men (Jim Carrey) aside.

After a record-breaking Christmas Day, pulled in approximately $36.4 million over the last three days. The PG-rated film, which earned nearly $51 million since December 25, gave Aniston bragging rights and Owen Wilson his best Friday-Sunday gross ever.

Although he eventually lost out to Jen, Brad Pitt really had nothing to complain about. , the weekend’s #3 finisher, had the 2nd best ($12 million) Christmas day opening. Meanwhile, Bedtime Stories - starring Adam Sandler and Courteney Cox - now ranks 3rd ($10.6 million) on the all-time Dec. 25 debuts list.

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In Theaters This Holiday Week: December 25, 2008

The Spirit

Here are some possible suggestions for your holiday weekend:

Cruise’s Valkyrie Already Getting Award Buzz

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: MGM, Drama, Period, Thrillers, Upcoming Releases,

Tom Cruise, ValkyrieThe long-anticipated, still-not-released WWII flick is already getting buzz on the award circuit. The Razzies are looking forward to featuring Cruise in their 2009 ceremonies.

Last year’s Razzie event ended with a series of stills from movies which are expected to be offered awards in the future. A shot of Tom Cruise in his Nazi uniform received a huge reaction from the audience. As the date of the movie’s release draws ever-nearer, Valkyrie is getting attention from reviewers as well.

“This is not his Oscar moment,” states one reviewer. Another calls a would-be intense scene “funny” - not at all what the flick is going for with its tense drama about a plot to murder Adolf Hitler.

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New Valkyrie Trailer

Weeks after being placed on the 2008 calendar, MGM has released a second trailer for . The movie - which as received a lot of press for all the wrong reasons - stars Tom Cruise as a German officer plotting to take down Hitler. Unfortunately, those still hoping for a hint of an accent (like I was) or any deviation from the star’s Mission Impossible persona may still be disappointed by this new clip.

Tell us what you think. Is it wrong for me to expect an Oscar-nominated actor - someone who at least attempted an accent in Far and Away - to sound less like an action star?

Valkyrie, also starring Terence Stamp, Kenneth Branagh and , opens December 26.

Valkyrie Gets a New Release Date

Tom Cruise, ValkyrieAfter weeks and weeks of delayed production, the upcoming Tom Cruise film has a new release date. Now, the flick is scheduled to hit theaters February 13, 2009. Considering the subject matter, I’m sure it’s the perfect film for any romantic date…if you’re both into WWII.

Called “The Big One,” WWII is perhaps one of the most popular filmmaking subjects in all the world. This era is constantly re-visited in movies and many major Hollywood directors and actors have taken it on. The latest to do so is Tom Cruise, who has been somewhat absent from the movie scene lately.

So far, much of the buzz on the flick is negative. Many claim the film is terrible, which has prompted Cruise co-star Bill Nighy to step forward in the interests of damage control. Nighy, who will play General Friedrich Olbricht, says the movie has suffered from several production issues - but that’s the only thing wrong with the film. “We just shot some extra scenes,” Nighy told the press recently. “People are very excited about it.”

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Why Tom Cruise Should Avoid Mission Impossible 4

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Paramount, Action, Sequels, Rumors,

Mission Impossible III, Tom Cruise

Although I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of , I have to admit I found myself watching Oprah‘s recent two-day love fest about the man.  (The curiosity was killing me.)  On Day One, I found myself gagging when I heard him gloss over all the remarks he made about Brooke Shields.  (His PR spin almost had me searching for my own set of anti-depressants.)

Day Two didn’t start out much better.  Listening to his friends fawn all over “T.C.” almost made me nauseous.  But then something helped change my mood a bit.  I actually found myself remembering some of the good parts he had played.

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