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Wolverine Premiere on Hold Due to Swine Flu

WolverineHe might be able to ride a helicopter, but not even Wolverine can bring down the swine flu.

Due to the current epidemic in Mexico, 20th Century Fox has chosen to postpone its plans. had been scheduled to attend the premiere of X-Men Origins: Wolverine in Mexico City this Wednesday.

“We were not only concerned about Hugh’s welfare – and we would never send anyone into harm’s way – but we also have an enormous office filled with people we care about,” a rep told People magazine.

Although health officials are still trying to get a handle on the situation, the studio is leaving open the possibility of a future screening. “Hugh is obviously beloved [there] so we’ll see what happens. We’ll monitor the situation,” the rep added.

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Watchmen Lawsuit Settled

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Watchmen

Watchmen fanboys - you can now take a collective sigh of relief. The fight between Mommy and Daddy is now over.

Although it looked as if March 6th would be scratched off the calendar, and Warner Bros. agreed to play nice and settled their differences. The last-minute negotiations kept the film in the theaters and the parties out of the courtroom.

For its part, Fox will get a upfront cash settlement to cover its original investment fees and its legal costs. (According to sources, that check amount is somewhere in the $5-$10 million range.) The studio will also will also get 5-8.5% gross participation in the first film and a percentage in any possible sequels. In turn, Warner will get to continue as planned with only their logo on the project.

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‘Wolverine’ To Hit Theaters In 2009

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-MenFanboys everywhere are squealing with glee as announces that they have set a date for the eagerly awaited and horribly titled X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The film will hit theaters on May 1, 2009 and, of course, star as Marvel’s short-tempered, adamantium-clawed mutant. In addition to release date excitement, Variety reports that is in talks to play a younger version of William Stryker, Wolverine’s nemesis who was played by in X2.

What excites me? Rumors that the film (to be directed by Tsotsi’s Gavin Hood), which will be partially filmed in New Orleans, will include the previously left out X-man, Gambit. If I had a dollar for every playing card I lost/ruined by imitating the cartoon version of the Cajun mutant, I’d be freakin’ rich.

A few other new mutants (as well as returning ones) are expected to make appearances. Fox is also trying to get the origin story of villain Magneto off the ground and into theaters.

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Update: ‘Hitman’ to Remain R-Rated?

Hitman logoYesterday, we reported that the upcoming Hitman film, based on the eponymous videogame franchise, was to be re-cut and cleaned up to achieve an MPAA rating of PG-13. Well, it looks like the folks over at TwitchFilm have received an official response from a PR representative over at Fox.

It seems that, while Nicholas De Toth has been brought in as a consultant on the film, director Xavier Gens is still involved. Fox also assured us that Hitman will remain R-rated, despite the rumors.

It would be nice if Fox just came out and told us what exactly is going on, but let’s face it—Hitman is based on a violent videogame, and Fox would probably do well to give people what they expect. And besides, I’m already tired of this story …

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