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Sequel News: Muppets, Chronicles of Riddick, Underworld and More

The Muppets: If you enjoyed Jim Henson’s characters in their popular “Bohemian Rhapsody” video, you’ll probably love them in their new Muppet movie. James Bobin, a co-creator of Flight of the Conchords, has been tasked with helming the family-friendly project written by Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller.

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This Week on DVD and Blu-ray: January 19, 2010

The Invention of Lying Blu-rayHere are some of the options available this Tuesday:

  • According to Greta: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging: DVD
  • Boogie Nights: Blu-ray
  • Che: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Gamer: DVD, Blu-ray
  • The Invention of Lying: DVD, Blu-ray
  • The Keeper: DVD
  • Magnolia: Blu-ray
  • No Greater Love: DVD
  • No Impact Man: DVD
  • Pandorum: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassins’ Ball: DVD, Blu-ray
  • Whiteout: DVD, Blu-ray

Make sure to also check out the TV-on-DVD options for this week.

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Cinema Scene: Thor Gets a Release Date, Taylor Lautner Gets a Big Paycheck

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow-Spider-Man‘s loss is Thor‘s gain. Paramount and Marvel Entertainment have now taken over the May 6, 2011 release date given up by Sony.

-Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will also be coming out in May 2011. The Disney feature will debut two weeks later on the 20th.

-Taylor Lautner will reportedly be paid $7.5 million to star in Northern Lights with Tom Cruise. Apparently hard


work does pay off.

-The producers of The Hangover are having the last laugh. The movie has become the best-selling comedy on DVD….ever.

-There’s one thing you probably didn’t see in Avatar with your 3D glasses: the sex scene. Zoe Saldana said the moment, which should be on DVD, was cut for PG-13 purposes.

First Look: Diaz and Cruise in Knight and Day Trailer

In , Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz reunite for a film that is probably as far away from Vanilla Sky as you could get. (Cue the applause.)

Based on this trailer, I’d say this movie looks like Mission Impossible meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Hancock and My Best Friend’s Wedding. But what is it really about?

“It’s a fun character comedy; adventure, romance—I don’t want to give away too much,” Tom explained to Entertainment Tonight. “Girl meets boy, boy sees girl, girl sees boy, adventure ensues.” Don’t worry, Tom. You didn’t give anything away…at all.

The action-comedy opens July 2, 2010.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal Confused by Paparazzi

Maggie Gyllenhaal with daughter and husbandMaggie Gyllenhaal felt “important” when she was “swarmed” by photographers - before realizing they were looking for Tom Cruise.

The Dark Knight star and husband Peter Sarsgaard are usually able to walk around New York unnoticed so were amazed when “tons” of paparazzi came into a cafe where they were enjoying coffee, only to then be ignored.

“There were a ton of paparazzi in the cafe with their huge cameras and laptops. I was like, ‘Peter, oh my God, they are so into us. They’re swarming us. We are so important.’ It turns out Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were living on that street. It was the winter, so the photographers would go into the cafe to download their pictures.”

Maggie is currently promoting Crazy Heart, the first movie she worked on after giving birth to daughter Ramona three years ago, and admits she finds it difficult to balance parenthood with her career: “Every night you can’t put your kid to sleep, that’s pretty intense. In my family, that’s a big kind of get-together time - dinner, bath and stories and then bed.”

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Will Ferrell: Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Star

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Step Brothers

has topped a list of the Most Overpaid Stars. The actor and comedian topped the annual list by Forbes magazine, which calculated how much moviemakers earn per dollar paid to their lead actor.

After the last couple of funnyman Will’s films - Semi-Pro and - bombed at the box office, his rate of return has dropped to $3.29 for every dollar of Will’s fee. This contrasts greatly with the other end of the scale, which saw Shia LaBeouf named as the Best Actor for the Buck in August, earning studios an average of $160 for every dollar he was paid.

Behind Will on list was actor , while Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson all made the Top Ten. Only one female (Drew Barrymore) had the unfortunate luck of being included.

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Tom Cruise on a Mission to Cast Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise and Katie HolmesTom Cruise wants Katie Holmes to play a villain in the next Mission: Impossible movie.

The actor - who stars as spy Ethan Hunt in the action franchise - is desperate to work with his wife and believes an evil part for her in the fourth film would be perfect because he doesn’t want them to play a couple on screen.

“Tom is very excited about taking Mission: Impossible in a new direction and he sees Katie as a big part of that,” a source said. “They have wanted to work together for a while now but the idea of being a couple on screen in a romantic comedy is a bit dull. This might give them a chance to have some fun both as a couple and as hero and villainess.”

Katie - who has a three-year-old daughter, Suri, with Tom - recently admitted she loves bringing her home life into her acting roles. “In my own life, my whole world really revolves around my family. I do what I need to do, but it’s like, ‘How is everybody else doing?’ And it’s wonderful for me as an actress to put some of that into a character,” Holmes said.

Christian Bale Based Psycho Character on Tom Cruise

Christian Bale as Patrick BatemanIt’s pretty bad when Hollywood royalty bashes you. To find out that one of the most infamous on screen serial killers was based on your persona has to hurt a little, too.

American Psycho director Mary Harron reveals that actor Christian Bale based the sinister Patrick Bateman on Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise.

“One day he [Bale] called me and he had been watching Tom Cruise on David Letterman, and he just had this very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes, and he was really taken with this energy.”

While I have not personally looked into Cruise’s eyes, I now look at images of the actor and get a bit creeped out because of that knowledge. At the same time, I feel that Cruise’s wife, Katie Holmes, holds more of this so-called emptiness behind her eyes—she’s the one leeching off the superstar’s wealth and career, after all. Just an observation!

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Ryan Reynolds Embraces His Inner Woman

Ryan Reynolds set to go drag in upcoming filmIn an effort to expand his acting range, Ryan Reynolds will dress as a woman in his next movie.

The X-Men Origins: Wolverine actor is set to take on the lead role in an as-yet untitled movie which will see his character disguise himself in drag in order to befriend his ex-girlfriend in a bid to win her back.

Ryan, who will next shoot superhero movie The Green Lantern, will also serve as executive producer on the project, which does not yet have a director.

The script is being penned by Wall Street 2 writer Allan Loeb. No further casting information has been given.

In addition to the cross-dressing caper, it was recently reported that Ryan is set to take over from Tom Cruise in Motorcade after the Mission Impossible star dropped out of the project to appear in Wichita. The action thriller sees the actor playing a disgraced Secret Service agent who happens to be in the wrong place at the right time when the US president is kidnapped in New York.

Brad Pitt Never Dissed Tom Cruise’s Valkyrie

Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise

Yes, Tom Cruise also had a WWII-era film…but is there any reason for to feel competitive with him? Some out there might like you to think so.

The internet had been going wild today with a quote reportedly attributed to the actor. Unfortunately, the comment about his Interview with the Vampire co-star simply isn’t true.

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