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Paramount Titles Going Blu-ray

Face/Off, John Travolta, Nicolas Cage

After declaring loyalty to HD DVD last year, Paramount has unfortunately been forced to switch gears thanks to the format’s demise.  Here are a few Blu-ray titles the studio now plans to release in the upcoming months:

May 20

  • Bee Movie, Face/Off, Next

June 3

  • Cloverfield, There Will Be Blood

June 24

  • The Spiderwick Chronicles

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Box Office Breakdown: Horton Hears a Who Has Largest 2008 Debut

Horton Hears a Who

Thankfully, ‘s embarrassing stint on American Idol wasn’t all in vain.

earned $45 million dollars over the past weekend, trouncing the competition.  Although the kid-friendly flick has had the biggest opening of 2008 so far, the film falls in the middle of the pack when it comes to Dr. Seuss adaptations.  How The Grinch Stole Christmas opened with $55 million back in 2000; A Cat in the Hat took in $38.3 just three years later.

Horton‘s premiere also made a nice statement for non-Pixar related films overall.  This animated movie found itself in fifth place behind other cartoon debuts.  (Disney’s Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., Cars and rank one through four.)

The only other new entries in this week’s Top Ten were the mixed-martial arts pic and the post-apocalyptic thriller .

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Box Office Breakdown: Theatergoers Take a Trip to 10,000 BC

10,000 BC

One year ago, pulled in an astounding $70 million dollars.  This past weekend, another period drama grossed exactly half that much.  Half, schmalf—it was still enough for a win.

Warner Bros.’ easily topped its futuristic competitors with a $35 million take over this last weekend.  The total was leaps and bounds better than the amount produced by second place finisher, College Road Trip.  The Disney flick, starring Martin Lawrence and Raven-Symone, rang up only $13.6 million.

Meanwhile, last week’s #1, , was already showing signs of fatigue.  The basketball comedy fell to 5th place and earned a disappointing $5.7 million.  Does this mean the Will Ferrell sports era is finally over?

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Yahoo! Movies

Box Office Breakdown: Semi-Pro Scores the Win


What comes up, must eventually come down.  That goes for ‘s sports career as well.

Even though netted this weekend’s #1 spot, the basketball flick earned a measly $15 million.  That gross trails far behind 2006’s Talledega Nights ($47 million) and 2007’s ($33 million).  Sadly, Semi‘s debut also takes a backseat to Kicking and Screaming and Bewitched.  (In Ferrell’s defense, this movie was the only one of his sports films to be rated R.)

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Box Office Breakdown: Vantage Point Peaks at Number One

Vantage Point

Star-studded raised $22.8 million over the past three days making it this weekend’s clear winner.  The film, starring Dennis Quaid and Matthew Fox, gives viewers multiple perspectives of a presidential assassination attempt.  Although the Pete Travis movie received less than positive reviews, the action thriller easily outearned its nearest competitor, The Spiderwick Chronicles.

The only other new entry in the Top Ten was Michel Gondry’s .  The Jack Black/Mos Def comedy opened in limited release and averaged over $5000 per screen.  Aside from Vantage, every other chart topper earned less than $4000 per theater.

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Box Office Breakdown: Jumper Leaps to #1


This President’s Day weekend, a good number of theatergoers honored their country’s leaders by taking in a showing of .  The sci-fi film, starring Hayden Christensen and Jamie Bell, took in approximately $27.3 million and earned itself a first place berth.  Although the gross did not break any holiday records, the movie did put about $8 million between itself and its nearest competitor ().

Third place-finisher, , also had something to brag about this weekend.  The dance spectacle averaged $7,655 per screen, just behind Jumper’s $7,980 figure.  The other eight films had to settle for $5000 or less.

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In Theaters This Holiday Weekend (2/14)

Definitely, Maybe

Here are some possible suggestions for Valentine’s Day weekend:

‘Indiana Jones’ Trailer Coming to Theaters

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullIf you’ve lacking plans for your Valentine’s Day, consider taking your honey out to a showing of .  Not only will you catch Freddie Highmore in yet another high-profile child role, you’ll get an added bonus: a glimpse of the next Indiana Jones film.

The trailer for will be the first teaser we’ve seen for the series in approximately 19 years.  The Feb. 14th debut will kick off the three-month countdown to the film’s debut on May 22nd.

Karen Allen, Cate Blanchett and Shia LeBeouf will all join for the latest outing.

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