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In Theaters This Week: August 13, 2008

Tropic Thunder

Once again, theatergoers will have new options to choose from this Wednesday:


Love Scene for Scarlett Johannson and Penelope Cruz

Penelope CruzScarlett Johannson

Now that I’ve caught your attention…

According to the New York Post, an upcoming moment in may rival that scene from Wild Things most people know quite well about.

In this film, two A-List actresses will engage in what is being described as an “extremely erotic” lesbian performance.  To ramp up the tension, the ladies - and - will later be joined by a third.

Cruz’s on-screen husband (and real-life boyfriend), , is the lucky guy who will eventually turn the twosome into a ménage à trois.

Did I mention that this is a film?

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New York Post

Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue

Since 1995, Vanity Fair has been churning out legendary covers tipping its hat to Hollywood.  And year after year, photographer has been counted on to produce those stunning and memorable images.  Remember the one with Tom Ford and the two nude ladies ( and )?  How about the cover with Uma, Kate and Cate?

This season, the magazine will honor the ‘Fresh Faces of 2008’:

Vanity Fair Cover

Those pictured include: (The Devil Wears Prada), (Enchanted), (The Illusionist), (The Devil Wears Prada), (I Am Legend), (Juno), (Vantage Point), (Fred Claus), (Big Love), and (Ugly Betty).

Make note of these ladies.  Some of their careers will soar, while others will become faded segments of Vanity Fair’s history (e.g. , , , ).

To see a slideshow of all fourteen Annie Leibovitz covers, click here.

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Vanity Fair