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‘Transformers’ in IMAX

TransformersSo you’ve just watched our Transformers review and now you’re yearning to watching the film (again).  Well, those lucky enough may soon get a re-mastered version heading their way.  On September 21, Transformers: The IMAX Experience will open nationwide.  If the Autobots and Decepticons didn’t seem larger than life before, they will now.

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Box Office Breakdown:  Holiday Comes Early For Halloween


Rob Zombie’s remake of the classic film, Halloween, scared up over $30 million this weekend smashing Transporter 2‘s 2005 achievement ($20 million).  Additionally, the horror film’s record gross capped off a successful summer for films overall.  With fifteen movies over the $100 million mark, the movie industry soared past $4 billion domestically.

Unfortunately, Jason Statham’s War did very little to contribute to this landmark achievement.  While he may have been a record-setter two years ago, his latest outing is slowly dropping off the charts.  Meanwhile, the weekend’s other two major openings—Balls of Fury and Death Sentence—fared decently enough to at least make a showing.

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Good News For HD DVD Owners

ParamountAlthough Blockbuster recently announced they were leaning toward Blu-ray rentals (citing customer preferences), owners finally have a win in their corner.

had been noted for having a wider movie catalogue due to their exclusive partnerships with several movie studios.  Now Studios (with Animation) has decided that they will go strictly HD DVD from this point forward.  This announcement may finally help ignite an actual competition between the two formats.

The August 28th release of Blades of Glory will signal the first movie under the new Paramount/HD DVD partnership.

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Box Office Breakdown:  Bourne Breaks Bank


Matt Damon may still be vying for People magazine’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ title—but he has one thing that George Clooney and Brad Pitt don’t have:  the biggest debut for an August opening ever.

The Bourne Ultimatum‘s $70 million take improved upon the previous Bourne installments and gave Damon his largest weekend to date (and that’s including all three Ocean’s movies).

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan should be happy that she’s holed up in rehab again—though seeing her movie kicked out of the Top Ten would have probably sent her there anyway.  Apparently theatergoers can only handle one movie about Bratz at a time…

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Angelina Jolie Takes on Historic Lore In Beowulf

Angelina JolieOf all the actresses in all the sets in all the world, had to walk into Old English literature. She’ll be part of the cast in Paramount’s Beowulf, directed by Robert Zemeckis. Anyone who sat through High School English will probably remember the ancient tale of warrior Beowulf against nasty little Grendel, one of the most famous literary villains. Ray Winstone will play the title character in the flick, with Crispin Glover slated to play the monster. Jolie will play the monster’s mother, seductress of Beowulf and more desperate for a child than your average thirty-five-year-old single woman. The epic poem was carefully translated into an understandable script, with strong sexual overtones igniting an otherwise somewhat dry tale of heroism. Film insiders say the integrity of the book has been preserved. 

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The Mysterious Trailer Preceding ‘Transformers’

J.J. AbramsFor the millions of you who stepped out to see Transformers this past week—you probably walked away with one plaguing question:  What was the name of the movie for that trailer I saw?

Despite having seen the production logos, for a moment I wasn’t entirely sure I was watching a film teaser.  It almost seemed like a cheap commercial.  There were shots from a hand-held camera at some type of going-away party….flashes of lights in the sky….then building pieces (including the Statue of Liberty’s head) hurtling around.  Then nothing.  About the only thing indicating that it was a movie was a mention of the release date.  Then when I saw J.J. Abrams’ name—it all seemed quite fitting.

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Box Office Breakdown:  Almighty Only Does Alrighty

Evan Almighty

Question: When is being the #1 movie just not enough? (Hint:  You have three chances to answer this question correctly).


  1. When the critics don’t really have anything good to say about you
  2. When you made less than 1/2 of what your predecessor did on opening weekend
  3. When it cost over $175 million just to create you

Apparently having God on your side doesn’t guarantee you heavenly box office numbers.  Evan Almighty, the follow-up to 2003’s Bruce Almighty, failed to bring in a large congregation this past weekend.  Although it did better than the rest of the flock, it’s $32 million take paled in comparison to Bruce’s $68 million opening.  And then there’s that glaring $175 million bill…

Of course, we shouldn’t feel so badly about Steve Carell’s career.  I have a feeling that God is providing for him in other ways.

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Mike Myers Gets Mitty

Mike Myers Mike Myers is the most recent name to be attached to the movie project The Secret Life of Water Mitty, a re-make of a 1947 movie of the same name. This time, the film has been picked up by 20th Century Fox. Over the years, big names like , Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson, and Whoopi Goldberg (as “Martha Mitty” in a female-oriented version of the original) have all been attached to the project, one that’s been a long time in the making. This current incarnation will be written by Jay Kogen (Frasier, Malcolm in the Middle) and produced by Samuel Goldwyn, Jr. In the past, directors Steven Spielberg and Chuck Russell were said to be attached to the project at different times.

Now, it’s time for Mike Myers to take the leading role as Walter Mitty. The last time the project came up was 2005, with Owen Wilson set to take the lead, and Paramount scheduled to lend their studios for production. The movie was put on hold, however, when the studio failed to cast a female lead for the film. The film has been given the green light again…will this finally be Mitty’s year?

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