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UPDATE:  McConaughey Fills Owen Wilson Role

Matthew McConaugheyAs reported earlier, personal issues left an unexpected casting hole in the upcoming film Tropic Thunder.  Luckily, another beach bum was able to slide into the role.

will now be joining the film directed by Tropic—also starring Stiller, and —is about a group of actors who have to assume the soldier roles they’re playing in a movie.

Expect to see Tropic in theaters next July.

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Will Owen Wilson’s Troubles Make ‘Darjeeling’ Hard To Watch?

Darjeeling Limited

While at the theaters this weekend, I caught my first glimpse of The Darjeeling Limited trailer. The movie from Wes Anderson (the Royal Tenenbaums) centers around three brothers who try and bond during a train trip through India.

I’m not one who would typically turn away from a movie based on events in the news—I still watched Apocalypto despite Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic remarks—but I must admit I squirmed a bit watching Darjeeling.  This was the film Owen Wilson was scheduled to promote around the time of his suicide attempt.

Again, I realize Owen’s personal issues should not affect my opinion of what could otherwise be a good movie.  But how could I not be distracted if I tried to sit through this film?  I’d have to stare at a character whose face is bandaged up! (Yes, I realize that’s not the part of his body I should be concerned with).  But in just that short segment, I found myself feeling very uncomfortable and sad every time he came on screen.  I felt like a voyeur studying the moments before he hit bottom.

I’m not saying I won’t watch Darjeeling—I’m just admitting that Wilson’s troubles could color my decision.  Tell me—am I being ridiculous?  Should I be making an extra effort to watch this film as a show of support?  Or am I not alone in feeling this way?

The movie, also starring Jason Schwartzman and Adrien Brody, opens in limited release on September 29.

Police Log Confirms Attempted Suicide at Wilson Home

A police log obtained by the National Enquirer backs up their earlier claim on the situation.  The report from the Santa Monica Police Department confirms that they did respond to an ‘attempted suicide’ call after 12pm Sunday.  The TV show is also adding that it was , Owen’s brother, who found him.

You can click below to see a copy of the police log.

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Owen Wilson Condition Update

Owen WilsonAs reported earlier, was transported to the hospital Sunday afternoon.  Although we still do not know what he is being treated for, a statement released today by the actor hints that he had more than just an accident. 

“I respectfully ask that the media allow me to receive care and heal in private during this difficult time.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center reports that Wilson is currently in good condition.

NOTE:  You can see a copy of the recently obtained police log here.

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Did Owen Wilson Attempt Suicide?

Owen WilsonSeveral sites have reported tonight that (Wedding Crashers) has been transported to the hospital for medical care.  Now the National Enquirer and Star magazine are exclusively claiming that the actor was found after an apparent suicide attempt.  Santa Monica Police and Fire responded to Wilson’s house around noon Sunday after receiving a 911 call.  According to the Enquirer, the actor may have cut his wrists and ingested an unknown number of pills.

It’s doubtful due to patient privacy laws that we may ever know the full story.  Regardless, we sincerely wish the best for Owen’s recovery.

NOTE: Click here to read the update on Owen’s condition.  You can also see a copy of the recently obtained police log here.

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