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In Theaters this Weekend: November 14, 2008

Quantum of Solace

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Next Bond Girl and Villain Cast

Gemma ArtertonProduction on the 22nd Bond film started yesterday with two relative newcomers (at least to American audiences) filling lead roles.

British actress will star as ‘Fields’, the latest woman to give a run for his money.  No other details have been released about her role in this installment, which will pick up where ended.  Based on her photo alone, I’m guessing James won’t be mourning Vesper Lynd for long.

Meanwhile, , who can currently be seen as a paralyzed man in , has been cast as Daniel Craig’s next nemesis.  Fun Optical Fact:  Amalric’s Diving character communicates with others by blinking with his left eye.  Now he’s following up Royale’s Le Chiffre - the man who was known for weeping blood from his eyes.  (Yes, I know that was random.  Sue me.)

The next installment, directed by (The Kite Runner), is scheduled for release on November 7th.

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In Theaters This Weekend (12/14)

The Kite Runner

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UPDATE: ‘The Kite Runner’ Delayed Due to Controversial Scene

The Kite RunnerAs reported earlier, controversy surrounding a violent scene threatened the big-screen premiere of The Kite Runner.  The adaptation of the popular Khaled Hosseini novel will now be delayed six weeks.

The family of the young Afghan actor raped in the film wanted the segment removed because it would be considered culturally offensive.  They feared they would become victims of retaliation in their own country once the movie premiered.  The family claims 12-year-old Ahmad Khan Mahmidzada would never have participated in the production had they been given a script and/or advance warning of the scene.

Although director (Monster’s Ball, Finding Neverland) and the producers all insist Ahmad’s father was briefed on the situation, they have expressed concern for those involved.  In hopes of retaining the crucial scene—and because of increased violence in Kabul—Paramount Vantage is finalizing plans to temporarily move Ahmad and two other actors out of the country.  The movie, originally slated for a Nov. 2nd release, will now be released on Dec. 14th…. several days after the boys finish school.  It’s believed they may return sometime in March—after their summer vacation ends and the movie dust clears.  This decision appears to be something Ahmad’s father is comfortable with.

The movie’s new premiere date will now pit it against another highly-anticipated film, I Am Legend.

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Will Rape Scene in ‘The Kite Runner’ Be Removed?

The Kite RunnerA best-selling novel’s film adaptation is now facing trouble only one month away from its theatrical release.  The Kite Runner, written by Khaled Hosseini (A Thousand Splendid Suns), tells the story of two friends who grew up together in Afghanistan.  In one important scene, Amir, does nothing to help his friend, Hassan, who is being raped.

Unfortunately, the family of the young boy who filmed this crucial plot point wants those frames left on the cutting room floor.  Rape is considered completely undignified and against Afghan culture.  If the movie is seen in their country, they worry they’ll be ostracized or harassed for making Afghans look poorly.  They don’t think people will be able to separate fact from fiction.  According to 12-year-old Ahmad Khan Mahmidzada, the actor who was paid $10,000 for the role, he was never given a script and would not have accepted the job had he known about the violent scene.  (Why he chose to shoot the scene anyway is not made clear.  The family admits they did find out about the rape several days before it was filmed.) 

Kite’s producers, Bennett Walsh and Rebecca Yeldham, claim they’ve spoken to the family since the scene was filmed last year.  According to Walsh and Yeldham, they were given the greenlight provided the content was portrayed in a sensitive manner.  Conversely, Ahmad’s father asserts the producers told him the scene would be cut when they were confronted about it.  He also says the company has promised to ‘take care of the family’ if they became victims of any backlash.

At this point, the producers have not said whether the scene will stand.  Meanwhile, the Marc Forster film is scheduled for release on Nov. 2nd.

Click here for an update on the now-delayed film.

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Daniel Craig, New Director Attached to Latest Bond Film

Daniel CraigI sometimes forget how lucky I am.  I have food, shelter, family, friends….and now the opportunity to see the sexy Daniel Craig buttoned up in another suit.  Life is good.

It should come as no surprise that Craig was recently confirmed for the next 007 film.  His turn as the legendary James Bond helped bring Casino Royale amazing reviews and impressive box office numbers—and made this girl care about the series once again.

Of particular note was the name tapped for the helm of this latest venture:  Marc Forster.  The acclaimed director—known for his work on Finding Neverland, Monster’s Ball and Stranger Than Fiction—will be taking over the reins from Royale director, Martin Campbell.  Oscar-award winning screenwriter Paul Haggis (Crash) will once again return to help adapt the screenplay.  He also contributed to the Casino script.

Forster recently wrapped work on the film adaptation of a best-selling novel, The Kite Runner.  Production on ‘Bond 22’ is set to begin at the end of this year in hopes of a November 2008 release.

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