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More Deals Struck With Writers Guild

LionsgateAlthough a deal with a major studio has yet to be reached, the has been striking gold in other areas.  Late this week, the union was able to boast signed agreements with three other companies: , and .  These interim pacts are similar to the ones already reached with The Weinstein Company and United Artists.

In the meantime, informal talks between the WGA and studio reps began last Tuesday and continued through the week.

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Warner Titles Go Blu-ray

Warner Home Video - the last major studio to spread the love between both and - has finally chosen to consolidate.  Unfortunately, its a decision owners of the Toshiba system aren’t going to like.  As of May 2008, high definition titles released by the company will be Blu-ray exclusive.

This a major blow for the HD DVD camp which is now fighting a lopsided battle.  Although (with Dreamworks) announced back in August that it was joining the underdog’s team, it is now only one of two major studios ( being the other) on that side of the fence.  Meanwhile, owners of the Sony product have selections from , , and to choose from.

Although Toshiba claimed to be ‘surprised’ by the announcement, Warner says its decision was simply based on consumer demand.  cited this same reason when it Blu-ray only back in June.

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Saw’s Bloody Quest

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Put Description HereThis Halloween will be rife with horrific gore as the fourth installment to the film franchise hits the theaters. To promote both the film and the spirit of Halloween giving, the Lionsgate film studio has launched a blood drive. Give blood to get blood (on the screen) is the motto, one that’s been successful for Saw in the past.  Last year’s “Give ‘Til it Hurts” drive brought 23,500 pints of blood to the American Red Cross. This year’s goal is 60,000 pints of the red stuff.

The three existing Saw films have raked in the dough, $415 million globally since the 2004 original. In the past three years, a total of 38,000 pints of blood have been collected through the Saw franchise efforts. The blood drive has become part of the ritual of the Saw films. Every two seconds in the U.S. alone, someone needs blood. During a 95-minute Saw IV flick, approximately 2,850 people will need blood. Give before you go see the newest Saw installment…blood is a Hallow’s Eve tradition.

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Box Office Breakdown:  Holiday Comes Early For Halloween


Rob Zombie’s remake of the classic film, Halloween, scared up over $30 million this weekend smashing Transporter 2‘s 2005 achievement ($20 million).  Additionally, the horror film’s record gross capped off a successful summer for films overall.  With fifteen movies over the $100 million mark, the movie industry soared past $4 billion domestically.

Unfortunately, Jason Statham’s War did very little to contribute to this landmark achievement.  While he may have been a record-setter two years ago, his latest outing is slowly dropping off the charts.  Meanwhile, the weekend’s other two major openings—Balls of Fury and Death Sentence—fared decently enough to at least make a showing.

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This Week on DVD:  September 4, 2007

Georgia RuleHas Lindsay’s stay at Utah’s Cirque Lodge left you feeling lonely?  Are you trying to remember if she really can act?  Well pick up her latest DVD this Tuesday and reacquaint yourself with the beloved scandal queen.  But if you’re enjoying this DUI-free respite, here’s a glance at the slim pickings this week.

  • Georgia Rule—starring , Felicity Huffman and Jane Fonda
  • Delta Farce—starring Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall and DJ Qualls
  • The Wind That Shakes The Barley—starring Cillian Murphy and Padraic Delaney

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Box Office Breakdown:  Bourne Breaks Bank


Matt Damon may still be vying for People magazine’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ title—but he has one thing that George Clooney and Brad Pitt don’t have:  the biggest debut for an August opening ever.

The Bourne Ultimatum‘s $70 million take improved upon the previous Bourne installments and gave Damon his largest weekend to date (and that’s including all three Ocean’s movies).

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan should be happy that she’s holed up in rehab again—though seeing her movie kicked out of the Top Ten would have probably sent her there anyway.  Apparently theatergoers can only handle one movie about Bratz at a time…

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