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High School Musical 3 Posters

In just a few short weeks, students everywhere will be heading back to school. And in just about 3 more months, and friends will be returning to East High.

Earlier this month, we got our first glimpse of the trailer for High School Musical 3. Now here are some of the posters teens will be hanging up on their walls shortly. (You can see a few more after the jump.)

High School Musical poster

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MTV Seeks Rocky Horror Remake

MTV plans to remake cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Yes, you unfortunately read that title correctly: MTV is seriously planning to remake the 1975 cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

While I cannot deny how popular musicals have become (i.e. Mamma Mia!, High School Musical, Hairspray), are there not already tons of other musicals to tamper with other than this one? Can producers possibly more cold-hearted than I thought?

On the upside (yes, there’s actually an upside) to this, the executive producer of the original, Lou Adler, is attached to the project, along with BermanBraun and Fox Television Studios. They also plan on using the original screenplay (thankfully!); however, they may incorporate songs not included in the original (what?).

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High School Musical 3 Trailer

Okay Wildcats fans, here it is. We’re now getting our first look at .

The sequel - the first in the series to debut on the big screen - comes packed with choreography and 10 new songs to occupy your brain.

Will Troy and Gabriella’s relationship survive graduation? Find out when HSM3 hits theaters on October 24.

Top 5 High School Movies

High School Musical

Disney’s Camp Rock will soon delight tweens and teens with tuneful summer fun. The cable network hopes to re-capture the success of …but is this movie truly the pinnacle of cinematic high school fun? Isn’t it possible to strive for higher in the high school movie genre? Check out my list of the Top 5 High School Movies, and find out if your favorite made the cut.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High
as a stoner and Jennifer Jason Leigh as a budding young slut - what says high school quite like that? This uproariously funny cult classic will absolutely never go out of style (I think it has something to with Judge Reinhold). The music and fashion might be dated, sure, but certain truths always remain despite the years that pass.

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High School Musical 3 Poster

Here it is:  Your first official look at .  (You can view a larger version of the poster after the jump.) 

High School Musical 3 Poster

As you can see, the made-for-big screen sequel is apparently set to hit theaters on Oct. 24th.  (Parents - start preparing yourself for the endless viewing parties now.)

BTW—is it just me, or is completely unrecognizable in this photo?  He’s almost as white as !

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High School Musical: The New Class

Posted by K.C. Morgan Categories: Disney, Family, Music, Musicals, Sequels, Casting,

High School MusicalMore than one thousand kids from around the world tried out for , and after an extensive search Disney has picked three of them to become the stars of tomorrow. The three new talents will play sophomores at East High, bringing some much-needed fresh blood to the set. Avid Disney watchers will recognize Matt Prokop from Hannah Montana, but British-born Jemma McKenzie-Brown is a little harder to place (her acting creds include work on BBC). Justin Martin, the third addition to the cast, was seen in ABC’s A Raisin in the Sun.

Director Kenny Ortega says the three newbies will bring a lot of “musical fun” to the film, claiming that Jemma offers impressive singing and dancing. Ortega boasted of Matt’s comedy skills and Justin’s “presence and charisma.” The movie will hit the big screen in October, with filming set to being in Utah within the next few weeks.

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TV Guide

A New ‘Hannah Montana’ Movie Planned

Hannah Montana CastNow that has become a solidified box office success, the execs at Disney can move on to Phase #15 of Montana World Domination.

Months after announcing a big-screen version of High School Musical, the Mouse bigwigs have decided to adapt another one of their shows.  Starting this April, production on a movie (not a concert tour) will begin.  (Musical starts its filming in March.)

While casting for the pic has not yet been announced, Miley’s father will also be along for the ride.  (How Billy Ray went from to this, I don’t know.) 

Based on what is being reported, we should be expecting cameos galore.  Can we say Spice World?

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TV Guide

Vanessa Hudgens Moves Toward Mainstream Success

Vanessa HudgensWith some stars, it’s all over once gets their hooks into you. Just take a look at , who once had a highly promising career. But star won’t fall victim to the teen trap - at least, not yet. The songbird is slated to star in , a movie about two very different high school students who form a bond because of a shared love of .

Wait a minute. That sounds a little familiar…isn’t that the exact plot of the movies? Maybe Hudgens isn’t breaking out of her teen queen role after all. In this version, Hudgens plays the popular girl (Sam) who falls for the school outcast. Together with others who don’t quite fit in, they form a rock band.

Shooting for the flick is slated to begin in February, and I’m already bored with the whole project.

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Hollywood Reporter

Dress Up Like Hollywood for Halloween

Britney Spears at the VMAs

What’s hot this Halloween? Hollywood is always hot, and this year the costume ideas are churning right out of LA. Will you have the popular look this October 31st?

Britney is in…at least, she’s in if you’re trying to make her look bad. This Halloween, plenty of men are dressing drag and letting beer bellies hang. The look? , a la the VMAs. The costume? Extremely skimpy – so don’t wear it unless you plan to stay indoors.

Little boys are gearing up as mini and suiting up in the black costume, so be prepared to meet pint-sized heroes at the door this year.  outfits are still in; it’s the Halloween look that just won’t go away (like the movies).

Spartans sporting the 300 look will be appearing at parties this year, as will the more comedic look of ’s Ricky Bobby. Though the movie is old (over a year, now), the look is not – elaborate and over-the-top costumes are all the rage for those who want to go all out.

TV is getting attention from Halloween revelers as well. This year, kits and -esque outfits are flying off novelty shelves.

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