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Box Office Breakdown: 21 Cashes In

21 Movie

Apparently it takes a movie about gambling to finally bring down a family-friendly film.

This past weekend, won big at the tables and brought in over $24 million dollars.  The movie - the third Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey have starred in together - survived less than stellar critical reviews to cash in over $9000 per theater.  (That average was tops for any move in the Top Ten.)  The new box office champ also pushed Horton and its $17.7 million into second place.

Further down the list, once again proved that audiences are not interested in purchasing tickets for pics about the war.  Is it because these films are far too political, or do people simply need a more light-hearted theme to escape with?  Whatever the reason, Loss entered the charts in a disappointing 8th place.  The Ryan Phillippe vehicle did earn a respectable $3500 screen average though.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Star on the Rise?

Lindsay LohanOnce-troubled star is making positive Hollywood news again. The young actress will be starring opposite Jared Leto in Chapter 27, which opens this week, and has recently snagged the role of leading lady in Manson’s Girls.

Lohan will play Nancy Pittman in the film, a girlfriend of cult leader Charles Manson. Pittman remained a steadfast supporter of Manson throughout the multiple killings and Manson’s arrest. The movie will be told from Pittman’s point of view. Though the film has yet to begin shooting, there is already talk that the role could propel Lohan into an race - speculation which I think is a little strong at best.

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21 movie

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Two New Films Put John Lennon in Limelight

John LennonHe was killed in January of 1980…and the world hasn’t been the same since. Once a , always a star, and nearly deported by President Nixon, British-born grabbed his fair share of headlines during his remarkable life. But in death, he has become a legend, and now two new movies will explore the events surrounding his assassination.

Historical accuracy rules the film , which delves deeply into the world of killer Mark David Chapman. The other, , stars (who put on weight for the role). Excerpts from Chapman’s diaries are featured in The Killing, done voice-over style as fans watch the horrific re-creation of Lennon’s murder in New York City. The Killing honestly makes an effort to take viewers into Chapman’s head, but as his famous crime has never been fully explained this theatrical attempt falls a little short.

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