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Blades of Glory Still Slicing Competition

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Will Ferrel He’s tall, he’s funny, he’s great for a laugh - Will Ferrell is box office gold. Though his newest flick, Blades of Glory, didn’t open with numbers as big as those gained from Talledega Nights, the former SNL funnyman is still on top of his game. After only a decade with the hit skit comedy show, Will Ferrell is officially a big, big, big star. Joined by the hilarious Jon Heder in Blades, Ferrell is enjoying the winning feeling of being number one at box offices around the country. Grossing twenty-three million over the past weekend, Blades is enjoying the limelight above the animated Meet the Robinsons (17 million), Ice Cube’s sequel Are We Done Yet? (15 million), Tarantino’s bloody Grindhouse (11 million), the biblical thriller The Reaping (10 million), special effects extravaganza 300 (8 million), funny flick Wild Hogs (which almost, almost got 7 million), Shooter (5 million), and family films TMNT and Firehouse Dog (5 million and 4 million respectively). King of the box office? It doesn’t get more Glory-ous than that.


Box Office Breakdown:  Metal Blades Take Down Machine Gun Leg


Not even the combined directing muscle of Team Tarantino/Rodriguez could take away the gold medal from Team Ferrell/Heder.  Despite the publicity onslaught, Grindhouse didn’t even score a silver.  Heck, it didn’t even make the medal platform.  But I guess it could have been worse.  Two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank not only placed fifth—but she too was beat out by a family friendly Ice Cube.  I think it’s now safe to say that the plagues have officially commenced..

1. Blades of Glory, Paramount, $22,522,330
2. Meet the Robinsons, Disney, $16,715,437
3. Are We Done Yet?, Sony, $14,262,724
4. Grindhouse, Weinstein Co., $11,596,613
5. The Reaping, Warner Bros., $10,025,203
6. 300, Warner Bros., $8,368,382
7. Wild Hogs, Disney, $6,644,971
8. Shooter, Paramount, $5,856,494
9. TMNT, Warner Bros., $4,825,445
10. Firehouse Dog, Fox, $3,838,916

Box Office Breakdown:  Blades Has The Cutting Edge

Blades of Glory

It really shouldn’t have been hard to predict that a Will Ferrell movie—or frankly a better movie—would take the top spot away from those fightin’ turtles.  Audiences simply love watching him mock their beloved sports.  It’s also worth nothing that TMNT sunk so low…it was even surpassed by the old fave, 300Cowabunga?#$%!

Here’s how the rest of the weekend broke down:

1. Blades of Glory, Paramount, $33,014,202
2. Meet the Robinsons, Disney, $25,123,781
3. 300, Warner Bros., $11,434,437
4. TMNT, Warner Bros., $9,232,362
5. Wild Hogs, Disney, $8,662,893
6. Shooter, Paramount, $8,364,413
7. Premonition, Sony, $5,213,264
8. The Hills Have Eyes II, Fox Atomic
9. Reign Over Me, Sony, $3,835,022
10. The Last Mimzy, New Line, $3,815,600