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Monday July 28, 2008 3:00 pm

Snyder Pleases Fans at Comic-Con With Additional Watchmen Footage

New Watchmen posterContinuing to update you on everything Watchmen related, we’ve got the news from San Diego this past weekend.

Absolutely everyone and their mother were talking about Watchmen after Comic-Con, drooling over the eight new posters revealed, as well as an extended trailer.

One of the last shots of the trailer, that which depicts Mr. Manhattan (Billy Crudup) blowing up enemy soldiers, is more gore-happy detailed. The trailer also included quick shots of the Comedian’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) scar origins as well as Laurie (Malin Akerman) unzipping her costume…

“People are starting to realize that superhero movies don’t just exist as mindless entertainment. They talk about stuff that’s serious,” director Zack Snyder commented in reference to The Dark Knight. And that’s exactly why we love you and Nolan, Mr. Snyder!

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While I enjoyed the campy comic book films of the past, I am absolutely delighted to see directors like Christopher Nolan and Snyder bringing out the true ideas, themes, and characteristics of our beloved graphic novels.

With so much hype and expectations set before it, perhaps Watchmen will give



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