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Monday December 22, 2008 5:39 pm

Remake News: Buck Rogers, Romancing the Stone, The Crow and More

Buck Rogers

Buck Rogers: Could Twiki be the one that makes us forget Wall-E? Frank Miller (300) is now aiming to tackle another period for his next big-screen adaptation. If Odd Lot Entertainment is able to secure the rights to Buck Rogers, Miller will write and direct a much “darker” version of the sci-fi tale. Rogers, which began comic serial back in the 1920s, told the story of a United States Army Air Corps officer who found himself in the 25th century long after an gas exposure incident. Buck has already been the subject of a radio program, a movie serial and a two television programs (including the NBC production starring Gil Gerard).

The Crow: Stephen Norrington (Blade) is planning to update a much-talked about film from 1994. The Crow, a comic-book adaptation about a deceased man who comes back to avenge his fiancee’s death, was in many ways that year’s Dark Knight. The accidental death of star Brandon Lee heightened curiosity about the project. (The movie went on to gross $100 million worldwide.) Norrington will both write and direct the “reinvention.”

Romancing the Stone: I doubt this is even something Kathleen Turner’s character could have imagined. Nearly 25 years after it first debuted in theaters, 20th Century Fox is the process of reviving their 1984 hit. The original paired Turner (a romance novelist) and Michael Douglas (a soldier of fortune) in a search to find her sister in Colombia. Daniel McDermott (Eagle Eye) has been tapped to write the script.

They Live: John Carpenter’s cult hit will be given new life thanks to Universal and Strike Entertainment. The 1988 entry starred Rowdy Roddy Piper as a man who discovers a pair of sunglasses. When worn, Piper is able to see the subliminal advertising messages and aliens (disguised as humans) that have taken over the Earth. Carpenter, the original’s director, will serve as an executive producer on the remake.



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