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Tuesday April 24, 2012 1:37 am

Zac Efron ‘Blown Away’ by Taylor Schilling

Zac Efron and Taylor SchillingZac Efron is thankful that he "clicked right away" with his on screen girlfriend Taylor Schilling in The Lucky One.

The star was "blown away" by his blonde co-star in the movie, and he learned "a lot" starring alongside side her, which he found to be a "refreshing quality" in his leading lady.

"It was weird, it was screen test I think. You kind of get thrown into it, you're thrown into it and either you click or you don't. I'm pretty sure you know right away, thankfully we clicked right away. It was instant. We were hitting our stride almost immediately. With Taylor Schilling, I found that I learned a lot from her, which is always refreshing to ... it's a refreshing quality to see in your leading lady, it's fun. She's hilarious but she's very focused when it comes to the work. I was blown away by her."

Zac plays a marine who goes to North Carolina to search for a woman (Taylor) that he believes was a good luck charm in three tours of duty of Iraq, but the 24-year-old hunk admits he was "nervous" when he read the script for the movie because of the all the preparation involved in playing a marine:

"I was very nervous when I first read the script for The Lucky One' because I really liked Logan, I saw such integrity in him. I saw that this is a guy who does what's right, regardless of how hard it may be. He takes the harder road a lot of the time, and he does what's right. I really enjoyed that integrity that he had. There was a lot that comes with playing a Marine, a lot of preparation. I wanted to make sure that I was prepared, I had a lot of help, I was able to work with a lot of Marines. They showed me what's what pretty quick."



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