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Saturday September 26, 2009 11:35 am

Woody Harrelson: Zombie Hunter

Woody Harrelson

felt “accomplished” killing zombies.

The actor admitted he had a great time in Zombieland, which sees his character Tallahassee hunt down and kill the undead beings who feast on human flesh. “It was really fun and really cathartic. You get through the end of the day, you’ve killed a couple hundred zombies, you feel like you’ve accomplished something,” he said.

Woody relished the action and even had his favorite “killing.”

“Some are moving slow, but they’ve all got weird kinks as they walk. I don’t really know who they’re supposed to be, but in this one, they didn’t seem to be moving too fast. It makes them easy targets,” he added. “The best zombie kill was the one with the chainsaw. You turn the thing on and you just search for the big arteries.”

opens on October 9.



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