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Saturday June 2, 2012 3:42 am

Russell Brand Enjoyed Kissing Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand in 'Rock of Ages'

Russell Brand's onscreen smooch with Alec Baldwin was "one of the greatest kisses" he's ever had.

The pair locked lips in new movie Rock of Ages and Russell joked he enjoyed their kiss so much that he deliberately made mistakes so they could do multiple takes: "Alec Baldwin has been one of the great kisses of my life. Like, to be honest, in the first few takes I deliberately made it go wrong just so I could kiss him more often. I'd go, 'Oh sorry, I was wearing a baseball cap in the scene. Oh sorry, I think I stumbled, I opened my eyes.' So they did take after take, kiss after kiss, and I thought if I keep kissing that man, eventually I can make him love me."

Russell also joked he gave acting tips to Tom Cruise while they shot the big screen adaptation of the musical, in which he plays narrator Lonny. "I'd just go to him, 'Take your top off more. Take your top off more and play the part of people that are sort of enthusiastic about something' ... I've said to him, if you ever need any advice on career, come to me."



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