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Saturday May 12, 2012 1:25 pm

Noomi Rapace Isn’t Sexy in Prometheus

Noomi RapaceNoomi Rapace insists her role in Prometheus wasn't sexy.

The 32-year-old actress portrays archaeologist Dr. Elizabeth Shaw in the forthcoming movie and though there are scenes where she appears scantily clad, she insists her looks were not the focal point of the scenes.

"I'm running around half naked in a couple of scenes and I never thought about it. Ridley [Scott, director] didn't want me dressed that way for kicks. It's not sexy - just very basic - and it serves the scene. I'm not here to be sexy. Sometimes you can do a sexy part or play a woman who's supposed to be beautiful and then we can do beauty. That's for another movie. But for this movie it was sweat. More sweat, then more dirt. More blood. The make-up artist said it was unusual to ask for more fake blood and sweat, but I loved it."

Noomi enjoyed working with the acclaimed filmmaker on the movie, and said the pair are "kindred spirits." She told the Daily Mail, "He doesn't see it from a man's perspective and at time we were like kindred spirits, sharing the body of the character."



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