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Sunday October 11, 2009 11:00 am

Gerard Butler Comfortable Being Nude on Film

Gerard Butler in Law Abiding Citizen

, who flashes his flesh in new movie Law Abiding Citizen, has no problem with stripping off for film roles. In fact, he thinks most cinema-goers like to see some nakedness.

“It’s always nice to show a bit of butt. I don’t think it was gratuitous here. I think there is a good reason for my nakedness in this movie,” the 39-year-old told Extra.

The new movie - about an everyday man who decides to administer his own justice when his family’s killers are freed - also stars , who found it hard working with the Scottish heartthrob. “He has to do his whole thing for the ladies, which is great. But that’s when we men go to the concession stand!” Jamie explained.

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Gerard was delighted to be asked to appear in the new thriller, and is certain it will be a hit. “It has a little bit of blood, a lot of suspense and a lot of shocking moments, and that’s what we were really aiming for in this movie. But the blood is never gratuitous. It really always comes out of the story and out the character and it leaves you on the edge of my seat,” Butler claimed.

Law Abiding Citizen opens in theaters next Friday.



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