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Wednesday September 19, 2007 5:45 pm

Cate Blanchett to Reprise Royal Role

Cate Blanchett  Joining a very elite group of actresses, will reprise the role that pushed her into the mega-star category back in 1998. Almost ten years after her original performance as Queen Elizabeth I of England, Blanchett will star in Elizabeth: The Golden Years. Clive Owen and Geoffrey Rush will co-star in the flick, which will depict the controversial clash between England’s Queen and Mary, Queen of Scots. Mary Stewart is one of the most interesting characters in history, but there’s a good chance Blanchett will drown out any other female performer who shares the screen with her. As Elizabeth, Blanchett won the Golden Globe and receive an Oscar nomination for her well-loved portrayal. Will the Golden Years prove to be Blanchett’s chance for winning gold as Elizabeth?

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Universal will release The Golden Years on October 12. In this film, Blanchett will get to show off her acting chops as Queen, warrior, and villain – if the history of Elizabeth I is at all correctly shown. Mary Stuart, mother of the King James who made the Bible available to everyday folk, was gruesomely executed at Elizabeth’s own order…and the two were both monarchs in their own right. A love story will also be depicted between the Queen and Sir Walter Raleigh in the film. 

Elizabeth I is the most filmed British monarch, and Blanchett will join august company when she reprises the role for audiences. Though many, many fine actresses (including Oscar- and Emmy-winning Helen Mirren in The Queen) have portrayed the famous Queen, only three actresses will have taken on the role in film more than once. Flora Robinson played Elizabeth for the silver screen three times, and the legendary Bette Davis lent her talent to the role twice. For the newest generation of film-goers, however, it will be Blanchett’s face they think of when Elizabeth I is mentioned. I, for one, don’t think they could have picked a better actress for the important role.



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