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Friday August 10, 2007 2:59 pm

The Big News on the Sex & The City Movie

Sex & the City ladiesYes, the Sex & the City movie is a done deal. Contracts are signed, apparently the script is written, and production is going forward next month. By 2010, all the Sex fans will strap Monolos to their feet and be off to the theaters to celebrate this triumphant big-screen debut of a show that’s still being syndicated (and probably always will be).

Yes, a lot of filming will be done in the city of New York – you can’t have Sex without it. Yes, is definitely signed on to play Samantha Jones and is going forward with the flick (HBO offered her a series just to cinch the deal). , , and will all set the big screen on fire as Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte. But…there is still one more element that we all must have, or else we just can’t have Sex.

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Mr. Big. Chris Noth, who appeared in the pilot and helped make the series finale the stunning experience it was, has always been the man in Carrie Bradshaw’s life – even when he was in California’s Nappa Valley. But never fear, Sex fans – Noth’s name is definitely attached to the project. Mr. Big has signed on, he’ll be in the film, and all seems right in the world of Sex.

Michael Patrick King, series head writer and executive producer, will both write and direct the film’s script – thank goodness. As for now, King is still keeping the details of the script under wraps, but fans can expect lots of laughs, tears, and – of course – sex.

But, there are a bevy of men who lit up the small screen – and so far, there’s no official word on whether they’ll make it all the way to the theaters. Evan Handler as Harry Goldenblatt (Charlotte’s hubby, and a beloved character on the show), David Eigenberg as Steve Brady (Miranda’s on-again, off-again on-screen mate), Jason Lewis as Smith Jerrod (Samantha’s hottie), and Willie Garson as Stanford Blatch (no stranger to the big screen) are all highly important to fans, but not even a wisp of rumor says whether or not these men are involved. Mario Cantone, who played the hilariously bitchy Anthony Marantino, is rumored to be attached to the project, but this has not been confirmed by New Line or anyone else involved with the flick.

But Big, at least, will be back. As far as I’m concerned, all is right with the cinema world.



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