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Thursday April 12, 2007 4:58 pm

Willa Ford To Play Anna Nicole

Willa FordWilla Ford may or may not have joined the rest of America in an Anna Nicole obsession, but she will be learning a whole lot more about the former Playmate. If Willa’s name isn’t familiar, it’s because she was on Dancing with the Stars. But Willa’s got a whole new gig, as she’s been cast to play Anna Nicole in the independent movie of the same name. The movie will depict Anna Nicole Smith’s life from age 17 to her untimely death at 39, and will begin shooting in Los Angeles this June. After a month of searching, Willa Ford has been given the role, though the producers say they may cast another actress to depict the different ages of Anna. No other main characters in the life of Smith have yet been cast for the movie, which may air on television instead of in the theatres. The makers of the flick have already stated they will

won’t be showing the “trash” (their word) of Anna Nicole’s life and death, including her marriage to J. Howard Marshall. No one involved with Anna Nicole Smith will receive any monetary compensation or profit from the film. The Nasser brothers, who are making the movie, didn’t buy the rights to Smith’s life story – they didn’t have to, because they’re basing the entire film on the prolific media coverage surrounding Anna Nicole.

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I think you meant to say that the filmmakers will NOT be focusing on the “trash.”  Probably a typo.  😊

No, that’s a quote. That’s what they plan to do.

This is what your source says:

“Announcing the project in March, Jack Nasser said that the film would not be ‘focused on the trash’ and the tabloid-filling final days of the late model, but would be a comprehensive look at her life touching on many of her milestones…”

“...would <u>not</u> be ‘focused on the trash’...”


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