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Tuesday May 29, 2007 12:12 pm

Lohan in the News – Again

Lindsay Lohan Less than forty-eight hours after her well-publicized DUI arrest, was photographed by paparazzi early Monday morning after another apparent night of partying. In the pictures, Lohan looks decidedly worse for wear and very much partied out. Wearing a gray hoody, 20-year-old Lohan was spotted slumped in the passenger seat of a car, mouth hanging open, passed out. Lindsay’s current tabloid-worthy behavior (she was arrested for DUI Saturday night, and reports say that an “usable amount” of a substance being labeled as “probably cocaine” was found somewhere in the vehicle) seems at odds with her recent image-boosting activities. Lohan signed on to join Alcoholics Anonymous after a stint in rehab for substance abuse problems…though, judging from recent activities, none of this has helped much.

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Lohan started early in Hollywood with friendly family film remakes like Parent Trap and Freaky Friday, a freckle-faced youngster that got early recognition and acclaim. My, how fast these kids grow up these days. Next thing the fans knew, Lohan was shaking off her childlike image for a sultrier singing career and meatier acting roles. Soon, she was running with A-list crowds and partying even harder than Paris Hilton – and that’s saying something. This once child star is quickly becoming a tabloid Princess, getting headlines not for torrid love triangles with teenybopper friends, but for serious partying that’s no longer leading her to gentle slaps on the wrist and demands that she get dried out in rehab. This latest DUI arrest could lead to much more serious legal action, especially in light of the fact that Lohan is supposed to be currently undergoing alcohol education and treatment.

Fans can see Lindsay right now in theatres, starring in Georgia Rule alongside Jane Fonda. Despite the chick flick nature of the film and Lohan’s run of bad PR, Georgia Rule performed well at the box office, proving that Lohan still holds her own brand of star power despite her newsworthy off-camera behavior. Could another young starlet be on her way to jail? Paris and Lindsay have partied together on several occasions – so maybe the California courts will arrange for the girls to have adjoining cells in county lock up. Either way, Lohan is still perpetuating her own “bad girl” Hollywood image, and it doesn’t seem to be hurting her career.


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I disagree. This movie is a mess. Lindsay Lohan is miscast as the lead, and displays little if any acting ability in this film. The main character needs empathy, and instead, you find her grating and replusive. Lohan spends the entire movie in full-on brat mode. Fonda fares better, but her limited screen time, and under developed character has you scratching your head. Is she set in her ways? Why does have such a hard time with her own daughter, yet somehow manage to sort of get along with her granddaughter? Felicity Huffman throws herself completely into her role, but her character is mostly pathetic when not yelling at her daughter or mother. Outside of being miscast and weighty material, and believe me the material is heavy, the director on this film is all wrong. Garry Marshall does better with lighter films. This story has indie written all over it.

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