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Tuesday June 5, 2007 2:20 pm

FilmCrunch 054: Grindhouse, The Hoax, Notes on a Scandal, Jessica Biel

Veronica Santiago and Neil Estep review Grindhouse, The Hoax, and Notes on a Scandal in this episode of FilmCrunch. Also, Veronica shares her disdain regarding Jessica Biel and her lack of clothing in movie trailers.

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good post!!!thank you!!!

Grind House is a good movie.. I like the stunts scenes in this movie... and the story is also wonderful..

suffice it to say that a 'Grindhouse' knockoff seems like the last place one might find characters with whom we do identify; infact, there is almost an expectation that we actually should not sympathize with these very trained killers and one-legged go-go dancers, since they are obviously constructed from the remnants of forgotten movie formulas and half baked screenwriting conceits. But as the tale comes to a close, we are genuinely moved by the furtive romance between Wray and Cherry.

Andru , thanx for the review, of all the movies i only saw grind house, i liked the stunts and story but i dint like how the movie was edited , because i found the movie very irregular, and at last when a girl fits a machine gun to her leg that was cut and shoots without using any hand, i found it really silly.

This is quite charming.

Thanks for uploading the video... Keep up the excellent work...

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