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Thursday May 17, 2007 4:07 pm

FilmCrunch 052: The Number 23 Review

Veronica Santiago and Neil Estep review The Number 23 in this episode of FilmCrunch:

Spiraling into a dark obsession with the number 23, Walter Sparrow twists his once idyllic life into an inferno of psychological torture that could possibly lead to his death as well as the deaths of his loved ones. Spurred on by a mysterious novel, The Number 23, that he doesn’t dare put down, Walter is forced to unlock the secrets of his past before he can continue his future with his wife, Agatha, and teenage son, Robin.

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Forum Discussion

I didn't find this movie interesting.

i think he does better as a comedian instead of a serious take. maybe they meant for that to add up to 23

Its too bad that 23 sucked so bad. I was hopping to see Jim Kerry in a good serious role. Hey I found a good stop motion film you should do a review on. Cows with Gunz [youtube]a5s5qGg01nE[/youtube]

And we all know Jim Carrey has the chops (i.e., Eternal Sunshine, Truman Show) It really was a case of bad idea meets mediocre screenplay. Oh well, I still think Carrey is an amazing entertainer. Thanks for the link. I'm going to watch the video right now!

I didnt even watch the whole movie and I was bored with it. I really thought it would have been a good movie especially with Jim Carey being in it. But it really did suck and it sure couldnt keep my attention. I thought it was gonna be a scary movie and I thought this is stupid.

I personally thought the movie was so boring. The liked the movie idea and I started thinking of many things that made 23. Funny thing is the movie ended at 12:11.. 12 + 11 = 23 :D I dunno if that was coincidence or just timed perfectly. I was actually looking forward to seeing Jim in a serious take rather than a comedian.

Good God, I actually liked this screwball of a mystery thriller.The Number 23 is just a sordid exercise for a comedy actor to stretch his dramatic muscle.

He is a great actor, but i still prefere to see him in comedian movies... Greetings :-)

sorry,I don't like that

my favorite performance of his is still eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. it was of course a comedy, but i think there was some heavy acting in there for drama, so i wouldn't just categorize him as just a comedian based on this great movie. 23 was kind of ... ok.

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