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Tuesday May 15, 2007 3:19 pm

FilmCrunch 051: Neil Reviews Blockbuster Total Access

In the episode, Neil Estep gives his detailed thoughts on Blockbuster Total Access, Blockbuster’s hopeful DVD rental Netflix killer. Find out what he thinks about what Blockbuster is doing right, what they are doing wrong, and why Netflix still reigns supreme.

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Thanks for your comment, Alvie.  My review is based solely on what I perceived in the month I had been using the Blockbuster service.  I imagine the range of discrepancy between customers is vast – exactly why we invite you to leave comments.  So again, thank you.

There was a suit brought against Netflix a few years ago regarding “throttling.”  I can’t imagine they’d be stupid enough to continue to do so after settling out of court and taking on around $4 million in losses.  Have you heard claims of this occurring since then?

And I am curious – what Blockbuster movies have you found (besides some of the exclusive Weinstein titles) that are missing from Netflix?


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