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Thursday November 1, 2007 1:13 am

‘X-Files’ Movie Slated for July 2008

X-FilesJuly 25, 2008.  That date will be personally significant to me but globally significant to fans everywhere.  Although my husband should be taking me out to dinner to celebrate our 4-year wedding anniversary, I sense that evening will be spent in a movie theater instead.  After all—how often does an film come around?

After years of rumors and denials, what had been looking like a pipe dream is now becoming a reality.  , and creator have finally gotten their acts together and jointly committed to the long-awaited X-Files .  Production is scheduled to start in December in time for the Summer 2008 release date.

Although the cult series only ended in 2002, it has been a whopping ten years since Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were last seen on the big screen.  While the new film is meant to be a ‘stand-alone’ feature, I suspect DVD rentals of the series and movie will spike sometime around June of next year.  I know I could use a bit of refreshing myself; the only thing I remember about the first pic were the bees.  Lots of them.

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