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Tuesday May 27, 2008 9:47 am

Will Robert Downey Jr. Take on Hugh Hefner?

Hugh HefnerRobert Downey Jr

At this time last year, we told you a biopic of Hugh Hefner was in the works. The movie, which had no writer yet attached to it, would detail the life of the Playboy founder starting with his upbringing in Illinois.

Now the Chicago Sun Times is reporting that an actor may have been chosen for the project: Iron Man. The 82-year-old entrepreneur reportedly signed off on the casting choice after seeing ‘s recent work in the action film. But whether Downey will be able to don the the iconic robes is another question. Assuming he’s even interested, his schedule might not allow him to take on the role. His recent success may have him tied down with sequel work for some time to come.

Although (Rush Hour) was originally scheduled to helm the project, the film is currently without a director. If a script is completed soon, production could begin as early as next summer.

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