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Thursday July 17, 2008 10:26 pm

Which Caped Crusader Outshines All?

Christian Bale - The Dark Knight

Batman is back and he’s just as heroic as ever, but isn’t exactly walking where no other actor has ever trod before. The new Batman movie may make it to the top of the box office, but will the new Batman make it to the top of this list?

That’s right, it’s time to put an end to that age-old question: who was the worst Batman, Clooney or Kilmer? Let’s rate the Batmans from worst to best, and find out which man shines as the greatest Bat-like hero of them all.

Val Kilmer - Batman Forever

Val Kilmer
Batman Forever, 1995
Great as Bruce Wayne and utterly unconvincing as Batman, is indeed the worst version of our tormented hero. Listen, I love Val Kilmer and appreciate his efforts in movies like The Doors and Tombstone, but he absolutely is no Batman.

George Clooney
Batman & Robin, 1997
Good as Batman and terrible as Bruce Wayne, Clooney was the opposite of iron-jawed Val Kilmer…and still the formula didn’t work. Let me point out that I also adore - just not necessarily in a black rubber suit.

Christian Bale
, 2005
, 2008
Bale’s two movies serve as prequels to the rest of the franchise, and I absolutely agree with the decision to go with a younger actor. It’s easy to love Christian Bale as a singing badboy (Disney’s Newsies, 1992) or a somewhat confused stalwart friend (Little Women, 1994) but I haven’t quite warmed to him as Batman.

Adam West
Batman TV series, 1966-1968
Batman movie, 1966
He is the original and it pains me to say he is not quite the best - but it’s a very near thing. This original Batman was funny and heroic - and he was even known to dance from time to time. West had both the right look and voice for the role, and as an actor he would evermore be associated for his stint as the Caped Crusader. West currently plays “himself” as Mayor West on FOX’s .

Michael Keaton - Batman

Michael Keaton
Batman, 1989
Batman Returns, 1992
Yes indeed, the answer is Keaton. He was thoroughly convincing both as Batman and Bruce Wayne, with the perfect square jaw to go with each. Slightly tormented and casually himself in either role, Keaton for me is the best of all Batmans. He was effortlessly natural and heroic and at all times at odds with himself - the true hero/ordinary-guy-with-a-huge-burden blend. More’s the pity he appeared as the hero only twice.


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Why did you link to the giant one?

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If they can retain the feel of the first movie (remember begins is meant to be the first movie again) I will be in hog heaven. I just addore Begins.

i always thougt of it being another story of the Dark Knight, ive explained this alot to my friends, espically when they go but like isnt it like the other ones ... ignorant ppl

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