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Friday August 1, 2008 12:02 pm

Valkyrie Gets a New Release Date

Tom Cruise, ValkyrieAfter weeks and weeks of delayed production, the upcoming Tom Cruise film has a new release date. Now, the flick is scheduled to hit theaters February 13, 2009. Considering the subject matter, I’m sure it’s the perfect film for any romantic date…if you’re both into WWII.

Called “The Big One,” WWII is perhaps one of the most popular filmmaking subjects in all the world. This era is constantly re-visited in movies and many major Hollywood directors and actors have taken it on. The latest to do so is Tom Cruise, who has been somewhat absent from the movie scene lately.

So far, much of the buzz on the flick is negative. Many claim the film is terrible, which has prompted Cruise co-star Bill Nighy to step forward in the interests of damage control. Nighy, who will play General Friedrich Olbricht, says the movie has suffered from several production issues - but that’s the only thing wrong with the film. “We just shot some extra scenes,” Nighy told the press recently. “People are very excited about it.”

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The movie follows Cruise character Claus von Stiffener (who died in July 1944 at age 36 - Cruise is currently 46), a Nazi soldier who becomes an integral part in the plan to assassinate Adolf Hitler. I don’t pretend to know how the movie shakes out, but I took the liberty of looking up this plot historically - if you’ve any interest in seeing the movie and want to maintain the mystery just leave Wikipedia alone.

Talk of this movie has been raging literally for months as the release date is constantly pushed back and trailers keep finding their way to the Internet. You probably know that Tom Cruise neither looks nor sounds German in any part of the film - so don’t go looking for his accent in this trailer.


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