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Saturday November 21, 2009 10:49 am

Tim Burton Talks Directing Breaking Dawn

Despite Robert Pattinson wanting Gus Van Sant for the franchise’s fourth film, two stars from the cast are pulling for Alice in Wonderland director Tim Burton.

So what does the eccentric director think about the gig?

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Of Jamie Campbell Bower’s desire to get him to direct Breaking Dawn, Burton laughed as he said, “He’s being biased, because I worked with him on Sweeney Todd. But that’s nice to hear. In case potential jobs run out, it’d be nice to know someone.”

Those aren’t quite the ringing words of enthusiasm. Then again, Burton does seem to have standards.

That didn’t stop another Twilight starlet from voicing her opinion about Burton! Ashley Greene weighs in on the choice:

“I think that would actually be a really great choice. It would be completely different. But if you look at what we’ve done from Twilight to New Moon to Eclipse director-wise, they’re all completely different, because the tones are different. The fourth one’s a little odd, a little weird, and I definitely think that Tim Burton would put an amazing spin on it.”

Judging by Burton’s words, I’m thinking that the crew’s going to have to look elsewhere for a Breaking Dawn director.



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