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Friday April 20, 2007 4:03 pm

The Hot Buzz on Hot Fuzz

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BulletsIf fans are expecting Hot Fuzz to be the fun romp that was Shaun of the Dead, they’re in for a disappointment. The reviews are in, and Hot Fuzz is more like a warm drizzle. The UK creators who brought fans the lighthearted zombie flick have enjoyed big success across the pond with their latest comedy, but many American-born fans will find jokes zooming right over their heads. The movie is about two cops (always a good plot for comedy), but fails to create laughs when the actors spend a little too much time pumping lead into their foes. Blood and gore will no doubt appeal to many, but the plot isn’t anything special. Critics have jumped all over the film for not being humorous enough. Expectations for a new, hilarious cop movie were high. The reality has left many rather deflated, but Hot Fuzz will still be in the theatres for anyone who’s interested in British television actors, lots of guns blazing, and some low-brow humor.

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It was boring it sucked and i hated it. except the gray skull part.

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