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Monday June 9, 2008 12:51 pm

Terrence Howard Leaks Iron Man 2 Dates

Terrence Howard spills the beans on Iron Man 2

While it is no surprise that the Air Force has become quite the collaborative presence in Hollywood blockbusters lately (i.e. Transformers, Iron Man), what is a surprise is the fact that Terrence Howard spilled the beans on Iron Man 2 dates!

The Oscar-nominated actor was in New York a couple weeks ago to share his training and work experience with the Airmen. As he reflected upon his rewarding research, he unexpectedly spilled a tidbit of info on Iron Man 2!

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Howard revealed that filming will begin in March, confirming the expected April 2010 release date.

No word or confirmation yet as to whether or not director Jon Favreau has signed up for the sequel to his masterpiece, but fans (myself included) are definitely rooting that he does. Same goes with Robert Downey Jr., although I’m sure that with the film’s immense success, a major raise will be demanded before he joins the project. Then again, would you really blame him? I just am crossing my fingers that he will fill Tony Stark’s shoes once again.



I really became a fan of iron man , when i watched it, especially for his robot suit.
I heard that iron man2 will also be made . thank you for the information Howard, i liked his character in i r2, awake(-ve) and august rush,
i think , howard will also be having his own robot in the movie-i r 2

Woo hoo! I know a lot of people will mark this on their calendars, but even without the leak, I’m pretty sure some people would have guessed or found out about it sooner or later.

That’s why I posted it. ;]


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