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Friday June 19, 2009 1:31 am

Sorority Row and Destination Mark Reemergence of Bad Teen Horror

As much as raping Asian horror films like The Eye and One Missed Call irked me, I’m fairly sure that Sorority Row and The Final Destination (trailer after the jump) are leaving me even more distressed at the fate of American horror.

By the looks of the trailer, the remake of 1983’s The House on Sorority Row strikes me as a bad mix of I Know What You Did Last Summer and The House Bunny (seriously, what is Rumer Willis‘s character from that film doing in this one?). I’m happy to see Carrie Fisher get work, although I find it disheartening that the only gig she can get is this egregiously-looking thriller. Then again, this is a Summit production…

And then there’s The Final Destination—yes, that is a definitive article in front of that title and yes, they’re trying to cover up the fact that it’s Final Destination 4. At least I was slightly more amused by Sorority Row‘s trailer—this one nearly put me to sleep! Whatever happened to Devon Sawa, really? I want him back in these films. Unless I have forgotten that he might have died in those other ones…

Oh well—despite my contempt for these films, they usually come out on weekends where there’s absolutely nothing else to watch (smart) and I, therefore, end up watching them anyway. Such is life, eh?



Carrie Fisher’s in a movie with Rumer Willis AND Audrina Patridge? Ouch.

Audrina Patridge is in it, too? How the hell did I miss that one? XD Poor Carrie—seriously, no one else will hire her?

Maybe you didn’t notice Audrina because she’s the one that dies. 😊


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