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Sunday June 17, 2007 8:18 pm

Shriek! More Shreks to Come

ShrekAlthough many people have equated the latest Shrek incarnation to tired rehash, I surprisingly enjoyed it despite my expectations.  I thought it still managed to inject some original adult humor while being enjoyably light and breezy.  But having said all that, I did also tell my FilmCrunch partner, Neil Estep, that the series could go no further.  All possible storylines had officially been exhausted.  Or so I thought…

Producer Jeffrey Katzenberg recently announced to a crowd in Germany that fans should be expecting a fourth movie.  Additionally, we learned that Shrek television holiday special will be created to help complete the deterioration of the series.  NOTE TO KATZENBERG:  I vaguely remember my husband showing me a very poor quality version of the 1978 Star Wars holiday special…and let me assure you, that did not hold up years later.

For those wondering (as I was) what the next ogre installment could possibly be about, Shrek will apparently be dealing with something from his past.  I’m going to take a guess and say that he was hesistant about becoming a dad in the third film because he had secretly fathered other ogres in Far, Far Away.  Now that could give me an interesting enough reason to come back for more…

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