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Wednesday April 3, 2013 12:55 am

Shia LaBeouf: Baldwin Could’ve Had Me Fired

Alec Baldwin and Shia LaBeoufShia LaBeouf thinks that Alec Baldwin may have got him fired from Orphans.

The Transformers actor exited the Broadway play due to "creative differences" weeks before it was due to open, and after admitting he and his would-be co-star didn't connect as "men," he acknowledged the 30 Rock star could have been instrumental in his departure from the production.

"I'm pretty passionate and impulsive, and he's a very passionate individual as well. And I think that impulsiveness and that passion makes for, ya know, some fireworks. Me and Alec had tension as men. Not as artists but as men," he told TV talk show host David Letterman. The host then suggested, "Alec went to the producers and said, 'I can't take it another day. Fire him,'" prompting his guest to reply, "I think that might've been what happened."

Despite the tensions between them, Shia - who was seated on the front row for the first night of Orphans - went on to praise Alec as "awesome."

Alec recently suggested the Lawless star isn't a true theatre actor and wouldn't have coped with the demands of a stage production.



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