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Friday April 10, 2009 3:40 am

Sex and the City Sequel Spoilers!

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Sex and the City

The big-screen sequel is a done deal. The wheels are in motion. The train has left the station. And the spoiler excitement has only just begun. What will happen in the Sex-y new flick? Where will life take Carrie and Big?

Do you really want to know? Follow the jump to get Sex and the City sequel spoilers.

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According unnamed “insiders,” one major plot point in the upcoming sequel will create new tension between Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Big (Chris Noth). The source says that Mr. Big will potentially be swayed away from the marital bed by a younger colleague. Other rumors on the script are already flying through the Internet. Will Carrie get pregnant? Is some of the movie really being filmed in London?

Gossip says so…but is any of it true? The Sex-y sequel is expected to come to theaters May 2010.


Forum Discussion

This Sex and the City was very Good TV show even the Movie version of it! though I watched only some of their Episodes but still I found it as a Great show.

I used to see when they have started but after some time i was getting to loose interest in them.I think i've seen approx 4-5 episodes but not that i loved them.They were like so-so.

I'm kinda like you.Never found any interest in the program. Will be eager to know what others think about it. :)

Sex and the City was a huge and popular show and with the release of the movie, it truly is getting a lot of attention. I have watched a couple of episodes from Sex and the City and it's an awesome show. I didn't really catch onto it because I didn't have the time, but it's not an awful show. ;) littlebull, if you want to know more about Sex and the City, read up on it at Wikipedia or watch a couple of clips about it on YouTube. Everyone, of course, loves the drama, the characters and the story behind Sex and the City and it's hard to explain in just one sentence.

Sex and the city was a great movie .. i give a rating 4.5/5 as for how many time can i watch it is should be only 1 time a year if i see to many time in a straight row its going to get really boring...z..z.z

sex and city episodes are really nice. Fashion at its highest. love at its lowest and highest. Really i was thrilled when it was released.

Film mainly focuses on romance of four female friends with their husbands. 4 female friends discuss everything about their life experiences(joys & sorrows) with each other . Four like trends of high society, latest fashionable things and enjoying parties together.

I don't like this show and I don't understand why so many people like it.

I don't know watch this one too girly for me lol.

this show focuses on Carrie Bradshaw and her three best friends.The women discuss their sexual desires and fantasies, and their travels in life and love.this show is fully filled with comedy scenes.i have already watched it when my brother insist me to watch it.before watching this show i like only [url=http://wizards-of-waverly-place.edogo.com]wizards of waverly place show[/url].but now i have two shows which include in my fav comedy.

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