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Friday May 30, 2008 9:41 am

Sex and the City: Boom in Frame?

Sex and the City movie

I sincerely hoped this issue was only present at my screening and could be blamed on a lazy projectionist not wanting to work the graveyard shift for two theaters jam-packed with estrogen - but according to my Google search, I’m afraid not.

At the midnight showing of the new movie at the Waterford Lakes Plaza in Orlando, FL, viewers were awed by not just the return of the Fab Four, but by several occasions of boom microphones slipping into frame during the film.  At one point, even walks right up to what is clearly the top end of a Kino light or a flag on a C-stand.

While not only killing vital plot moments in the film with the level of distraction this caused, it begs the question of how something like that could even make it onto the final print of a film with such a huge budget and profile. 

I’ve already resolved to rent the film as soon as it’s out just to make sure that it was some sort of framing issue with the projection (and because it was fabulous), but after my quick google search, I fear the worst, as other moviegoers nationwide seem to have witnessed something similar.  Feel free to weigh in on your own experiences in comments.



My mom said too much Sex will melt your brian. So i better not watch this movie.


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