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Thursday June 14, 2012 12:26 pm

Russell Brand’s Sex Ban

Russell BrandRussell Brand banned himself from thinking about sex while filming Rock of Ages.

The 37-year-old actor believed his character Lonny should be "unsexy," so he decided to banish all impure thoughts from him mind although he admitted it wasn't easy.

"Your mind is predetermined to think sexy thoughts. Once you've got survival out of the way then your mind turns to procreation. That's just a natural thing," he said.

However, now that filming has ended, Russell has thrown himself back into dating: "I'm single at the moment, I'm also dating. You know that sort of dating where you can do what you like?"

Russell - who has recently been romantically linked with MSN TV presenter Emily Hartridge - also joked he would choose Rock of Ages co-star Alec Baldwin for a boyfriend if they were both gay because he believes the 30 Rock star would take care of him:

"If I was gonna be gay I'd like Alex Baldwin to be my boyfriend because he'd take care of me. If you had Alec as your boyfriend and a burglar gets in, you'd go, 'Alec there's a f*****g burglar downstairs mate. This is your one, I'll do the breakfast. If I married a woman which I conventionally would, I've gotta go and deal with the burglar and probably make the breakfast and they call it progress."



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