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Wednesday June 25, 2008 6:46 pm

Quentin Tarantino Completes Inglorious Bastards Script

Tarantino finally finishes Inglorious Bastards script!

HALLELUJAH! Last weekend at the Provincetown Film Festival,

Movie God

writer-director Quentin Tarantino announced that he has finally finished the screenplay for that itty-bitty, unknown war epic called Inglorious Bastards.

With having narrowed a once thousand something-page script down to a more reasonable one under two-hundred, Tarantino stated he was “real happy dude right now.” As a personal Tarantino worshipper, I think it’s safe to say that he’s not the only one.

The film will mark the ground-breaking director’s sixth major feature—his first solo project since Kill Bill: Vol. 2 back in 2004. Like Kill Bill, this upcoming WWII epic will most likely be a two-part saga; unlike his revenge movie, Inglorious Bastards will be his first period piece.

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Despite it being set in WWII, the film guru doesn’t feel like it’s a period piece: “I don’t want it to feel like a period film. I want it to feel current.I want it to feel right now. One of the things I have to battle against is 30 years of Nazi-occupation TV movies where we’ve all seen the big streets and the vintage cars and the Swastikas, and we’ve just seen that ad nauseum. This is a modern, in-your-face movie. This is not a TV movie period piece.”

As odd as that sounds, I think he’s pretty much the only person that can say that and make it have sense.

Tarantino is putting a rush on the project, heading straight to pre-production already! Why? Someone’s eye seems to be set on next year’s Cannes Film Festival...



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