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Thursday June 26, 2008 2:47 pm

Projected Spider-Man 4 Release Date

Spider-Man and Sandman

Even though the main characters appeared disinterested during their interviews last year, the buzz about another sequel has already begun.

According to E!, the franchise’s producer has already informed theater owners that a fourth installment could happen…though it would be 2011 before anyone would see it. (Apparently you need a script, a willing actor and an interested director before you can get the ball rolling on these big-budget flicks.)

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TV Guide

Meanwhile, J.K. Simmons (J. Jonah Jameson) seemed to express confidence while talking to TV Guide about the projected release date. “In films, they work backwards. They announce that Spider-Man 4 will open on, say, Memorial Day 2011, they start the marketing campaign from there, and at some point they’ll write and cast the movie.”

So who knows? Maybe four years of time off will give Tobey Maguire enough time enjoy fatherhood and Kirsten Dunst enough time to get a new rehab story in place.



Wow, a Spider-Man 4! I wasn’t expecting a 4th movie, so it is a surprise. That is totally awesome. They are such great movies and keep us updated!

I cant wait I have all the other 3 and loved them all. I will be sure to watch this when it comes out. I didnt know there was gonna be a 4 either until I read this article.


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