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Tuesday April 15, 2008 5:18 pm

Presidential Inauguration to Delay Oscar Noms

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Listen up, you entertainment junkies. Once again, the real world has encroached upon our precious escapist media.

The Hollywood Reporter is (aptly) reporting that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will shirk tradition next year and announce its nominations a full two days later than usual. Since 2004, when the Oscars were moved from March to February, the nominations have been revealed on a Tuesday in the middle of January. However, the planned date conflicts with the upcoming Presidential Inauguration and has been rescheduled.

I personally applaud the Academy for having the foresight to avoid such a conflict of attention—some would likely have trouble deciding which to watch live and which to read in the following day’s paper. One can only imagine, though, a future in which a newly sworn-in president, filled with pride and hope for the future, would turn to his or her constituents and say: “And now, the nominees for best actor.”

Come on, think of the ratings!

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Hollywood Reporter

Here’s the schedule for the 81st Annual Academy Awards:

December 1: Credit forms are due.
December 26: Nomination ballots are mailed.
January 12: Ballots are due back.
January 22: Nominees are announced.
January 28: Final ballots are mailed.
February 2: Annual nominees’ luncheon.
February 7: Scientific and technical achievement awards are given.
February 17: Final ballots are due.
February 22: The big night.



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