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Sunday July 27, 2008 12:29 pm

Pineapple Express Meets Disinterest at Comic-Con

Comic-Con goers didn't care much for Pineapple ExpressWhile it never appears to be a good sign when at least a third of an audience leaves prior to one’s panel at Comic-Con, I am definitely rooting for Pineapple Express when it hits theaters in a couple weeks!

As depressing as that can be for anyone at such a hyped event, I would venture to say that Judd Apatow‘s latest project failed to meet success at the event due to misplacement. I mean, promoting a stoner movie to die-hard comic book fans? These are audiences who went crazy last year over The Dark Knight and The Incredible Hulk, and this year with Watchmen—not exactly the type whose favorite movies include Dazed and Confused or Dude, Where’s My Car?.

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Perhaps it is just my personal experience from here in L.A. that screams to defend the comedy. Earlier this year in February, I attempted to see an early screening of the film, which stars Freaks and Geeks co-stars Seth Rogen and James Franco. Unfortunately, I badly misjudged the comedy’s popularity, as the line to catch an early glimpse into Apatow’s latest comedic genius stretched for what nearly seemed like a mile into Burbank Town Center.

If what happened at Comic-Con does, in fact, accurately depict the lack of excitement for the film, I will be quite saddened, although I know that I definitely will have a seat in that audience when opens on August 8th, considering the fact that Judd Apatow has not disappointed me yet!



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