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Thursday July 26, 2007 10:41 am

Paris Hilton’s Latest Project

Paris Hilton Last weekend, revealed to People magazine reporters that she was scheduled to begin working on a new movie, filming of which will begin in a few short weeks. The cat may be out of the bag, though, as Paris let a few more clues slip. Though nothing has been officially announced, it seems likely that Hilton will be taking on a project that might just be little too much for her. That’s right…Paris Hilton is going to be in a movie musical.

Dreamgirls was a huge success…so is the re-made version of Hairspray. Chicago won critical acclaim, and the re-make of The Producers was hilarious. Hollywood has a long history of turning out great movie musicals. But, for anyone that saw Alicia Silverstone bomb at the box office with Love’s Labour’s Lost, you know it can often go the other way, too.  Will Paris find lasting musical movie success? The truth is, Hilton’s voice isn’t going to win any prizes…but her star power is probably enough to keep even the worst musical movie from failing. After all, millions did tune in to see her on Larry King.

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Hilton told reporters she’s been rehearsing seven hours a day, a lot of dancing and singing. The heiress will travel to Toronto next month to begin shooting. Paris isn’t allowed to reveal much more, but says the project is “cool and unique.” It would have to be at least unique, if it’s going to feature a singing, dancing Hilton and not be filmed inside a nightclub.

Paris will also begin a new ad campaign for Damiani jewelry, pictures which she’ll start shooting Friday, July 29. Damiani has famously appealed to celebs in the past, and Gwyneth Paltrow was once the face of their ad campaigns. New jewelry, a new movie, and no threat of jail on the horizon. For once, at least thing is sure: Paris seems to be in better shape, right now, than Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. Who would have suspected it would be Paris Hilton that would start looking like a good girl?


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