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Tuesday October 16, 2007 8:48 pm

Paris Hilton Not a Party Girl Anymore

Paris HiltonStill shaken up from her short stint in jail (those twenty-three days really got to her), is determined to shed her party girl image. This new life direction for the hotel heiress would be a lot easier to believe if she would actually stop going to parties (somebody please give Miss Hilton a clue).

In the October 22 edition of Newsweek, Hilton says “I want to leave a mark on the world.”  Don’t worry, Paris…you already have. Hilton will be documenting her highly-publicized visit to Rwanda, in hopes of turning the footage into a film.  Awwww…it really sounds as though she has the interests of others in her heart. I wonder—who do you think will be profiting from this film?

Obviously not part of her new caring efforts, Hilton is also currently working on the movie Repo, an odd-sounding thriller about transplanted organs…set to music.

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