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Monday January 21, 2008 4:45 pm

Oliver Stone to Tell the Tale of George W. Bush

President George W. BushIn the history of the United States of America, no president has become a star of pop culture quite like . In his two terms in the White House, there have been more skits, more jokes, tons of movies and more clips of his press conferences than you can shake a Bill of Rights at. Now, director will create a full length feature film depicting the Presidency that changed our Constitution. Stone has previously created movies about JFK and Nixon, and promises reporters this new movie will tell the true tale of Bush’s time in office.

Currently, the director is in talks with actor (No Country for Old Men) to play the title role. If all goes well and production begins on schedule, the movie will be released in November during the heat and hostility of election time. If this timetable can’t be met, Stone is hopeful he can have the movie in theaters the following January (when the new Pres is being inaugurated).

In his own words, Stone says he will make a movie that is “a fair, true portrait” of our current president. So…it’s going to be a tragic , right?

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