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Wednesday December 31, 2008 12:12 am

Not Another American Pie!

American Pie

Through what could end up being a colossally bad idea, the American Pie franchise is going to get a little bigger. That’s right - Hollywood gossip says this dead horse is coming back to the theaters for yet another sequel.

What, you aren’t ready for a seventh helping?

Yes, it’s true. If you didn’t know (and you probably didn’t), there are six Pie movies total (1 and 2, Wedding, Band Camp, The Naked Mile and Beta House). Oh, and the new one - supposing it actually ends up happening.

According to rumor, the film is to be dubbed American Pie 4 (a sequel to American Wedding) and will be released in theaters. That is, provided there’s a script, a cast and a crew. So far, none of the franchise stars are contracted to the project.

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Forum Discussion

I would've liked to read, "She was arrested for molesting a warm apple pie..."

[quote author="w00t.w00t"]god a naht lrigremmurd tselom rehtar di[/quote] :D !lol sknaht !derretalf mi sseug i...mu

[quote author="w00t.w00t"]god a naht lrigremmurd tselom rehtar di[/quote] Translated: [quote]I'd rather molest drummergirl than a dog[/quote] I'd like to be that dog

Why are y'all talking backward, lol

god a naht lrigremmurd tselom rehtar di

...em tib ydaerla ehs !pey

^^ god ecreif :think: ?

daed pu dne lluoy neht zuc tnow uoy on :o :|

drummer girl you kno what? god ruoy tselom yllauxes ammi

[url=http://www.cnn.com/2005/SHOWBIZ/Movies/04/19/crime.lyonne.reut/index.html] Click here to read the full article! [/url] I had to post this just because of this paragraph: [quote]Police called to the scene said Lyonne told the neighbor, "I'm going to sexually molest your dog."[/quote] :o :lol: Good stuff to brighten your day!

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