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Wednesday February 7, 2007 3:34 am

New Book Teaches How to Kiss Like a Movie Star

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Kiss Like StarAuthor William Cane (real name Michael Christian) is widely considered to be the foremost authority on kissing.  His best-selling book, The Art of Kissing, put him on the map in the early nineties and helped spur several similar ventures, including a DVD about kissing, a book of kiss-related celebrity quotes, and The Art of Hugging.  Cane’s newest foray, however, focuses more specifically on kissing in the movies.  Kiss Like a Star: Smooching Secrets from the Silver Screen will guide you frame by tantalizing frame through some of the steamiest on-screen kisses in cinematic history, from Casablanca to The Notebook, and everything in-between.  The book also outlines over 50 different types of movie kisses and how to apply them to your love life, and asks the stars themselves how they prepare for that passionate (or awkward) moment.

We just have one question here at FilmCrunch: what about all those single folks out there with no one to kiss?  Cane has a solution.  In a recent Reuters interview he posited, “Make a little mouth with your left hand.  Take your right thumb and put it through.  You can actually practice a French kiss on your hand.”  We think kissing one’s hand may be a bit too degrading, so we tried writing “Naomi Watts” or “Daniel Craig” on the front.  Much better.

Kiss Like a Star: Smooching Secrets from the Silver Screen hits shelves February 9th.

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